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By: Michael Kahn

Blog Summary: learn more about Managed Print Services and how it can cut your printing and copying costs up to 30%

MPS Secret: How a Balanced Printing Deployment Saves More Money

Sep 19, 2017

MPS Secret: How a Balanced Printing Deployment Saves More MoneyAt Genesis Technologies, saving our clients money and headache with managed print services (MPS) is far more important to us than selling you office equipment.

You'll mostly find the opposite from office equipment vendors and other independent dealers. These companies use their version of managed print services to show you how you to save a boatload of money by throwing out all your printers and replacing them with new copiers and MFPs.

The problem with this approach: the printers always find their way back.

A Dirty Secret

While the idea is sound, the reality doesn't work.

While copiers certainly can replace a legion of printers, you need to think about why those printers are there in the first place. Often, it's convenience so, if you take away printers from your employees, they usually find their way back shortly after you've made a significant investment in new copiers.

As a result, you may wind up spending more on printing than you . . .

Managed Print Services (MPS): Guiding Principles

Aug 14, 2017

Managed Print Services (MPS) GuidelinesWhile many offer some form of managed print services (MPS) – from hardware manufacturers like HP and Xerox to a handful of independent providers – few offer both nationwide service and unbiased hardware recommendations.

So how can you determine which MPS provider is the best fit for your organization?

We recommend that you choose an MPS partner whose guiding principles are the best match for your organization. Below are some of the most important MPS guiding principles based on our 26 years of experience.

MFP, Copier & Printer Usage

We believe that the following usage principles should be applied to multifunction printers (MFPs), copiers and single-function printers throughout your organization to achieve user needs while also eliminating the use of rogue printers:

  • Walking Distance: users should not have to walk farther than 50 feet to their closest print device
  • User-to-Device Ratios: one output device should be deployed for ever . . .

How Two Data Points Ensure You Never Run out of Toner Again

Jul 30, 2017

Automate Toner Replacement & Managed Print Services (MPS)One of the biggest headaches in managing a fleet of printers, copiers and MFPs is keeping them running – and there’s nothing more avoidable than running out of toner.

How many times have you run out of toner for one of your devices in the last year? It's especially difficult to manage internally because of how many different types of devices and toner cartridges are out there, and because you may have several different people ordering.

Automated Toner Replacement

What if you could centralize and automate all toner purchasing so that you never ran out again and benefited from larger economies of scale? That’s what you get with our automated toner replacement service, which is part of our . . .

How Genuine HP Toner Cuts Printer Service Calls by 30%

Jun 06, 2017

For the same price as remanufactured (reman) toner, genuine OEM HP toner from Genesis Technologies typically reduces MFP service calls by 30%

Genuine HP OEM Toner CartridgesHow much do you spend every year on HP toner and service for your printers?

What if you could cut service calls by 30%?

Learn how Genesis can make this happen with genuine HP toner that is priced the same as recycled "reman" toner.

Why Are Service Calls Reduced?

We conducted a study of our managed print services (MPS) customers who were using 100% reman cartridges and switched to 100% OEM. On average, the number of service calls per year declined from 6-7 with reman toner to 4 or less with genuine OEM toner.

Why less service calls? Because reman toner manufacturers increase the yield of each cartridge by modifying the amount of toner that transfers from the imaging drum to the each page being printed so that you can get print more pages: around 25,000 pages printed per cartridge vs. 20,000. The trad . . .

Genesis Technologies Earns Canon Top Dealer Award, Again

Jun 05, 2017

In recognition of sales and service of its copiers and multifunction devices (MFDs) in Chicago and Dallas, Canon has presented Genesis Technologies with their Top Dealer Award

Canon Authorized Copier & MFP Dealer: Chicago & DallasGenesis Technologies became a Canon dealer in 2013. Since then, Genesis copier and MFP sales and service have grown dramatically to a large base of managed print services (MPS) clients nationwide.

What the Canon Top Dealer Award Means

Canon's Executive VP & GM of the Business Imaging Solutions Group, Toyo Kuwamura, commented: "Please accept our congratulations and the 'Top Dealer Award' in recognition of your accomplishments for the 2106 sales year. This award is presented to all dealers who met or exceeded their baseline targets for last year. We sincerely thank you and all of the employees in your dealership."

He added: "Your continued success in 2017 is critical as we endeavor to increase our market share in all segments of the black and white and . . .

Genesis Technologies Awarded HP Best-in-Class for the Third Time

May 22, 2017

Genesis Technologies Awarded HP Best-in-Class MPS PartnerGenesis Technologies was named an HP Best-In-Class Partner for Managed Print Services (MPS) for the third time, and each time this distinction has been awarded.

The Best-in-Class award recognizes Genesis achievements in 2016 for developing new business and excellence in supporting HP multifunction printers installed as part of Genesis MPS clients printer fleets.

The Best-in-Class Partner distinction is extended to only a limited number of HP MPS Partners, and is a unique honor.

What HP Best-In-Class Means

The award was recently presented to Michael Kahn (above, left), CEO of Genesis Technologies, by Stan Frackowiak (right), HP's partner business manager. This is the second year (and third time) that Genesis achieved this recognition since the HP award program began in 2015.

“Genesis has a long standing, valued partnership . . .

How to Ensure Network Security with Printer Security

Mar 14, 2017

Network & Printer SecurityAccording to a recent study by the information security company, Quocirca, 63% of organizations surveyed experienced one or more print-related data breaches—and those are only known printer security breaches.

Other highlights of the study include:

  • 66% of financial services had at least one print-related security breach but only 16% had more than one incident
  • 90% of public sector agencies had at least one breach and 35% had more than one incident
  • The top three reasons for print security not being adopted: 1.) low priority (92%), 2.) unawareness of benefits (71%), and 3.) lack of a print security strategy (65%)

Since your information security is only as strong as the weakest link, and because printers and multi-function devices/printers (MFDs/MFPs) are often the weakest link, your network security is only as strong as your printer security.

Have you experienced any printer security breaches lately? If not, how do you know?

Here are two wa . . .

MFP & Copier Hard Drive Security

Feb 27, 2017

MFP & Copier Hard Drive SecurityIn today's world, businesses are all too aware of how important it is to protect data. In the past, there have been stories of how copiers, containing hard drives that store an image of every document ever copied on it, were being sold to foreign parties interested in data mining.

At Genesis, we understand your commitment to your security and make sure that all our hardware contains the proper hard drive security. Here's a look at two of our most popular brands, Canon and HP, and how they can help tackle the problem of hard drive security.

Canon's HDD Data Encryption & Erase

Most devices provide a sufficient level of security for many organizations. However, for those who need to meet stricter security measures in the private sector or comply with the stringent privacy and auditing regulations of the public sector, Canon now offers Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Security in the form of Data Encryption and Data Erase, two optional features that deliver higher lev . . .

Printer Security: Threats & What to Do

Feb 27, 2017

Printer SecurityThough they seem to be innocuous, your printers can actually be a serious security liability. Not only is sensitive information there for the taking in the output tray, but they can also provide hackers with access to other computers on the network.

Today's multifunction printers do more than simply print: they scan, sends and store sensitive information. In this way, multifunction printers are essentially computers, with their own hard drives, operating systems and network connections. As we've learned time and time again, businesses need to protect all computers – and now printers.

Here's a rundown on the threats and what to do about them.

Threats to Printer Security

Businesses face a number of potential threats to printer security:

  • Document Theft: this is the simplest and most common breach to security; a person simply walks over to a printer and sneaks a peek at a document that belongs to someone else, and there may be a temptation . . .

Copier & MFPs: Independent Dealers vs. Vendors

Feb 27, 2017

Copier & MFPs: Independent Dealers vs. VendorsIn the past, organizations relied on purchasing their copiers, MFPs and printers directly from the manufacturer. There wasn't really another choice: you accepted the price you were quoted, you depended on them to provide the service and maintenance to keep your machines – and your business – running.

In today's world, independent dealers are now giving companies a new series of options when it comes to their office technology. Taking a look beyond manufacturers and large vendors can be a smart choice for businesses who see the value in the flexibility, responsiveness and local partnership an independent dealer can offer.

Best-Fit Solutions & Flexibility

Copier, MFP and printer vendors only sell what they manufacture, whereas independent dealers offer a much wider selection. An independent dealer's first job is to determine which make and model is right for you, choosing between multiple major brands. Independent dealers can also negotiate . . .

MPS Services: Copier Vendors vs. Independent Providers

Jan 31, 2017

Managed Print Services (MPS): Independent Providers vs. Hardware VendorsIn the past, the only option businesses had was to purchase their printers, MFPs, copiers, and related supplies from a copier vendor. The vendor provided the hardware and usually repair and maintenance services, but that was the end of their involvement.

The old transactional, hardware revenue model has been eclipsed today by managed print services (MPS) from independent providers like Genesis Technologies.

A New Option

Over the past decade, printer manufacturers have been steering most of their enterprise-market sales toward MPS to more effectively manage those environments . . .

The Genesis MPS Philosophy: Manage, Optimize & Improve

Jan 30, 2017

Managed Print Services (MPS): Genesis PhilosophyManaged print services (MPS) are provided by external parties to optimize and manage an organization’s print infrastructure and document output.

The Genesis Approach will help you improve your enterprise print architecture. By aligning devices with your business mission and taking care of their day-to-day management, you’ll start seeing benefits immediately with fewer devices, fewer pages, lower costs and improved knowledge worker productivity.

Manage Your Environment

When you use an MPS program, you have the capability to track, manage, and control your output environment. The Genesis Approach includes service, supplies, and management tools. Companies save anywhere from 8-15% by utilizing an MPS program

With our help, you’ll regain control of your whole document environment. We’re not talking about just reducing your printing and paper usage. The widespread adoption of tablets and smart phones to the workplace has created new issues for I . . .

Original vs. Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Jan 30, 2017

HP OEM & Remanufactured Printer Toner - Managed Print Services (MPS)Both original (OEM) and remanufactured ("reman") toner cartridges are viable options for your copier, MFP and printer needs.

OEM cartridges are attractive because they're manufactured by the same vendor as you copier or printer and offer the highest print quality.

However, remanufactured toner is attractive because it's usually cheaper than OEM and lowers landfill waste because they use recycled toner.

So, which is better? Here's our analysis based on 25 years of offering managed print services (MPS) to clients nationwide.

OEM Toner Cartridges

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges are manufactured specifically for a particular make or model of printer by that company. For example, an HP OEM cartridge is made for a HP printer. They are usually manufactured using a combination of both new and recycled parts at factories throughout the world – so there's a more environmental approach than reman toner manufac . . .

HP Toner Managed Print Services: How It Works

Dec 12, 2016

HP 477DW MFP & Managed Print Services (MPS)By using our HP managed print services (MPS), you can save thousands per year and never have to worry about running out of HP toner.

If you qualify, we'll also include free service so you never have to worry about your HP printers being down for more than a few hours.

How Our HP MPS Program Works

Organizations with 5 or more HP multifunction printers (MFPs) often spend $6,000 every year, or more, to keep them running with remanufactured (reman) toner, maintenance and repairs.

For Genesis Technologies clients, our cost for genuine HP toner (not reman) is often 20% less and, if you're located in Chicago or the northern . . .

HR: Going Paperless in 2017

Nov 22, 2016

hr-paperless-workflow-automation-softwareThe paperless office is a nice thought: no more filing cabinets, no unauthorized access (including IT), streamlined on-boarding and benefits enrollment, ensuring I-9s are managed properly, providing higher quality HR service to your employees and management team... the list goes on.

HR workflow automation and document management software is a way to achieve all of the above in one fell swoop, but there are many options out there, so how do you decide what is the best fit for your organization?

Contact us to learn m . . .

The Case for Accounts Payable Automation

Oct 31, 2016

Accounts Payable (AP) invoice Automation Business CaseIf you process more than 500 AP invoices per month, imagine what you could gain with a workflow automation solution that pays for itself.

This blog post outlines the business case for our AP Invoice Automation solution. Just plug in your numbers or contact us and we can estimate them for you.

AP Invoice Processing Costs

The first step in building your business case is to estimate costs associated with the following:

  • How much time it takes to manually GL code invoices with data entry by your staff
  • How much additional time it will take if your invoice volume is increasing
  • How much time it takes to manually route invoices for approval: both paper and email PDFs, and what happens when someone is on vacation or doesn't manage their email efficiently
  • How many early payment discounts are missed and the total dollar amount lost
  • How long it takes to search and retrieve invoices when there are questions, issues and audits
  • How many times an invoic . . .

FileBound Q4 2016 Promotions: Get E-Forms Designer Free

Oct 16, 2016

FileBounde E-FormsIf you purchase FileBound workflow automation and document management software between now and December 31, 2016, you will also get E-Forms Designer for FREE – a $10,000 value.

Learn more about FileBound E-Forms below and how you can get started today on the road to a more productive and paperless office.

FileBound E-Forms Designer

E-Forms Designer is part of the FileBound Workflow Automation Tier and allows users to quickly create online forms.

FileBound’s e-forms software helps organizations focus on the work that really matters by eliminating manual paper-based processes. Many organizations that use FileBound find that electronic forms empower them to eliminate even more paper and expand the value of their FileBound systems to new processes.

The possibilities for using FileBound E-forms are practically endless. Customers have designed forms for everything from allowing employees to request time off to enabling college students to drop or add . . .

What's New with FileBound 7.3 Document Management Software

Oct 11, 2016

The most impressive to the Genesis Technologies team includes integration with SalesForce and DocuSign.

Integrations Stencil added to Workflow Designer


The Integrations stencil will allow users to make API calls within workflow to retrieve and update data. (Available with Enterprise License Only).


A user is able to get and send data to and from virtually any third party API (rest or web API).

Use Case

The sales department is currently using Salesforce to track opportunities and WebDocs to process the opportunity through an internal workflow process. They can now use the integration stencil to update the opportunity stage in Salesforce automatically as the opportunity moves through their internal WebDocs workflow process.

In other words, if you change a sales opportunity stage from "negotiate" to "close" or "won," the Salesforce and FileBound document management integration will kick off a work . . .

Genuine HP Toner Cartridges at Reman Prices

Sep 22, 2016

We even include free, onsite HP service if you qualify

hp-pagewide-printer-cartridges-smHP Ink & Toner Cartridges

How much do you spend every year on HP ink and toner cartridges for your MFPs and printers?

What if you could get genuine and superior quality HP toner at reman prices with automatic replenishment?

This is precisely what we offer as part of our Managed Print Services for HP.

Free Onsite Service If You Qualify

How responsive is service on your HP MFPs and printers?

If you buy your HP toner from us, we'll also include free onsite service if you're located in downtown Chicago or Northbrook and have at least 5 HP printers or if you're located in the Chicagoland area and have at least 10 HP printers

Between lower toner costs and free service, we can apply our 25 years of experience and being an Elite HP Partner to cut your annual printing costs by up to 30% and save you a lot of headache as part of our Managed Print Services.

  & . . .

How to Migrate to iManage Cloud for Free

Sep 20, 2016

For a limited time: if you migrate to iManage Cloud, we'll waive the setup fee

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

imanage-cloud-case-management-softwareMaybe you're worried that the migration may be cumbersome. Maybe you're not sold on the security of the cloud. Both are not the case so read on to learn why.

No IT Involvement

Professional services are required to migrate your implementation of iManage Work to iManage Cloud, but that is why we're waving the fee as part of this promotion.

This will save you thousands and free up your IT staff many hours over the long-term because they'll never have to update iManage Work on your computers again.

Cloud Security

You'll also never need to worry about security with IManage Work in the cloud.

For both iManage Cloud, governance and security go hand-in-hand with ease of use. They are hosted in an SSAE 16 SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001-certified and HIPAA-compliant environment so you can rest assured that your work product in . . .

Join Us at ILTACON 2016 for the Latest with MPS & iManage

Jul 25, 2016

ILTACON 2016Genesis Technologies will once again exhibit at ILTACON 2016. This year's national conference will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center from August 28 through September 1 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Stop by booth #105 to see how Genesis Technologies can dramatically reduce your costs of printing, toner and equipment service. We can also show you how to manage all case management and collaboration from within Microsoft Outlook with matter-centric case management software.

Special Note: we are sponsoring the iManage party on the last day of the conference, so join us there or let us know if you need an invitation.

Highest Quality MPS

Genesis . . .

iManage 9.3: What's New?

Jul 22, 2016

Time for a Matter-Centric Refresh?

Sometimes the best path to a “new” system is refresh the one you have. Work and expectations are changing rapidly – even an iManage Work case management software implementation that is three years out of date is limiting the ability professionals to work as they want. Here's what's new with version 9.3 of iManage Work (formerly WorkSite).

New User Interface

The most compelling reason to upgrade your iManage desktop in 7 years to 9.3 is the refreshed interface: iManage now has a Windows 10 / Office 16 look and and feel that increases user satisfaction. See below:

iManage Work 9.3 Interface

Request an iManage 9.3 Work Demo Today

Other Usability Improvements

Search Driven

File tree changes to navigable bread crumbs giving attorneys 30% screen real estate back for productive work and search. Search for anything with helpers and filters on the left to get through large results sets easily – and like t . . .

New iManage Work & Share Demo Videos

Jul 19, 2016

Law firms love iManage Work case management software (formerly WorkSite) that is matter-centric and iManage Share cloud file sharing (formerly LinkSite).

Why? Because iManage software has become a legal industry standard because they allow you to manage all case files and collaboration from within Microsoft Outlook.

Below are two new demo videos that provides a nice overview of each iManage product and its integration with Outlook.

Request an iManage or iShare Work Demo Today

iManage Work Demo Video

iManage Share Demo Video

  & . . .

Genesis Awarded "Chicago's Best & Brightest"

Jul 15, 2016


Genesis Technologies has been named one of 2016 "Chicago's Best and B . . .

Canon Designates Genesis Technologies as an Outstanding Partner

Jun 21, 2016
In recognition of sales and service of their copiers, MFPs and printers, Canon has awarded Genesis Technologies the Outstanding Partner Award

Genesis Technologies Becomes an iManage Case Management Software Partner

Apr 28, 2016

Genesis adds iManage Work and iManage Share to Its Document Management Software Lineup, Specifically for the Legal Industry

iManage Case Management SoftwareGenesis Technologies, one of the nation's leading providers of document management software, today announces a partnership with iManage.

As an iManage partner, Genesis Technologies is now trained and authorized to provide case and matter management software, including iManage Work and iManage Share, to law firms and in-house counsel who need a better way to manage case file documentation with Microsoft Outlook.

iManage Work

Formerly WorkSite, iManage . . .

How to Streamline AP 3-Way Matching

Mar 29, 2016

AP Invoice Processing & 3-Way MatchingAccounts payable departments want a more efficient way to match paper purchase orders with packing slips and other forms of proof-of-delivery (POD) documents and invoices – even if they've already streamlined invoice processing to some degree.

Even if you're using EDI, at least 10-20% of invoices and PODs are received on paper. For many manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, this can take several hours every day and costs hundreds or thousands of hours of worker productivity.

Referred to as "3-way matching," people ask us if it's possible to streamline this process without it costing a fortune and integrate with commonly used enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SL, Nav and Sage MAS 90? The short answer is yes.

3-Way Matching Scenario Example

Organizations often match invoices with purchase orders using a 4-step process that can take several hours per day, possibly at multiple . . .

How to Cut HP Printer Toner & Maintenance Costs by up to 30%

Mar 28, 2016
If your organization uses HP printers, we’ve got great news for you: we can cut your printer costs by up to 30%

HP Names Genesis Best in Class MPS Partner, Again

Mar 14, 2016
For the second time, HP has awarded Genesis Technologies "Best in Class" Managed Print Services channel partner for the second half of 2015

Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Mar 08, 2016

manufacturing workflow automation ap hr ecoIn manufacturing, quality and process efficiency is the recipe for success.

The same is true for manufacturing business processes, and workflow automation software reduces manual document processing time, costs and errors by 90%.

The following workflows are the Top 3 business process candidates for automation that generate the greatest return on investment:

  • Accounts payable (AP)
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Engineering change orders (ECOs)

AP Automation

While EDI helps to automate electronic invoice processing, what about the paper? Manually processing AP paper invoices is a tedious and error-prone chore on a good day, and that's when everything is filed properly and can be found later.

Automating AP paper invoice processing starts with the automation of routing and approvals to dramatically increase efficiency. A best practice is to scan paper invoices as soon as they are received, ideally in the mailroom, which then feeds the workflow engi . . .

Document Management & Workflow Automation Interation via Dell Boomi

Nov 06, 2015

Upland Software Partners with Dell Boomi to Accelerate Enterprise Application Connectivity

dell-boomi-logoUpland Integration Manager will empower customers to achieve efficient integrations between FileBound document management and workflow automation software and existing software infrastructure, including Microsoft Dynamics GP

Upland Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: UPLD), a leader in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management, announced that it has partnered with Dell Boomi to deliver the Upland Integration Manager. Dell Boomi AtomSphere®, the leading integration platform-as-a-service (IPaaS), will simplify the integration between customer business systems and Upland's Enterprise Work Management applications. Upland customers will benefit from faster integration cycles, flexibility and shorter implementation times.

"We are pleased to partner with Dell Boomi to offer Upland customers the capability to seamlessly integrate multiple cloud products, supporting a best in class syst . . .