PaperCut Print Management Software

PaperCut MF is a cost and access control software program for the education, corporate and professional services markets. It can allocate costs to different departments, track employee usage and manage the print process with filters and routing. Click here to download PaperCut MF Fact Sheet.

Key Features

  • Printing can be charged back on a per-document, per-user, per-client or per-department basis
  • Advanced bill-back system automatically emails detailed account, business and invoice reports
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Novell, making PaperCut the most flexible solution available
  • Displays an overview of all system activity and the current status of all your devices and users.

Secure Print Release

PaperCut’s Find-Me printing feature enables users to print to a global virtual queue. Jobs are paused and only printed when the user releases the job at any compatible MFD/printer:

  • Improves document security and convenience
  • Reduces IT administrators needed to manage multiple print drivers and queues for both workstations and notebooks. 
  • Minimizes waste and has been shown to reduce printing output by up to 20% in busy office environments.
  • Supports multiple release methods ranging from auto release on authentication to active release job-by-job.


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