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Close The Gap In Device Security eBook by HP Skip to main content

Close The Gap In Device Security eBook by HP

Fri Sep 11, 2020 | Genesis Technologies

Your company’s endpoints are surrounded by cyber threats-this is the new reality you live in. You’re constantly fighting off cybercriminals who are always looking for the easiest way to gain control of your company’s sensitive data and unprotected endpoints have become one of their favorite attack vectors.

Are you maintaining a set of security policies to protect all your endpoints from attack? Is your organization keeping up-to-date with applying these policies to all intelligent, connected devices across the network?

If you’re kept up at night thinking about the breadth of security challenges, from users to infrastructure, you’re not alone. You can’t control how people act, but you can control the risk posture of your organization and the follow-through of your security policies.

Download this free HP eBook and learn how to protect your organization from endpoint attacks. This HP eBook covers the following topics:
1. Endpoints are a key target
2. The talent shortage isn’t helping
3. Innovation is necessary
4. Where can you start?
5. Today’s RFP requirements
6. Secure your process and protect your organization

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Printers are more vulnerable than the average endpoint, because they are
attached to the corporate network and accessed by many users.

What you can do right now to close the gap in device security
  • Evaluate your organization’s current RFP requirements for printer hardware and contractual print services
  • Check your security policies to ensure explicit mention of printer devices
  • Update security policy procedures with your printer IT administrator
  • Partner with an MPS provider to fully assess your environment and develop a plan to close any gaps in your print security practices
Need more? Watch these three videos on how partnering with HP can protect your network with Run-time Intrusion Detection, HP Sure Start and Connection Inspector.

  • Stay a step of the bad guys with HP Run-time Intrusion Detection (RTID)

  • Protect your network with HP Sure Start

  • Detect, protect and automatically recover with HP Connection Inspector

Let Genesis Technologies perform an in-depth security risk assessment, including a detailed security risk report down to the device level, security policy guidance and solution recommendations.

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