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Genesis Technologies an HP Amplify Power Services Partner

Tue Jan 19, 2021 | Genesis Technologies

am . pli . fy: To make larger, greater, or stronger; to enlarge, or extend.

At the end of October in 2020, HP replaced their HP Partner First Program, where Genesis Technologies was at the highest partnership level, with their HP Amplify partner program. HP Amplify is designed to drive greater partner efficiency, insight and transparency that smooth processes and lead to more profitable interactions among HP, partners, and customers. HP believes their partners are an essential part in achieving their goals. A seamless customer experience is driven by insights, innovation, and collaboration.

In the HP Amplify Partner Program, we can deliver products faster, provide higher-quality service, and help expand the value of technology investments, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Genesis Technologies has always been a data-driven managed print solutions provider. Data-driven intelligence and resources will reveal what customers want and need and when. Data-sharing will take the guesswork out of go-to-market activities and optimize operations. The result: reduced risk and increased potential for success for which HP Amplify is designed to promote.

Built from the ground up

Amplify has one bedrock foundation on which it’s built: our mutual customer is the singular focus and at the center of everything we do. By focusing on the customer – how the customer wants to buy and their evolving technology needs – HP Amplify will cultivate better experiences that will lead to higher levels of value perception. At Genesis, we’ve always focused on our customers first and being customer centric, customer centricity and customer experience are why HP built Amplify from the ground up based on four guiding principles.

  1. Consistency on a global scale
  2. Reward partners for value-added capabilities
  3. Accelerated digital transformation
  4. Better, outcome-based customer experiences

Built on three core pillars

By driving greater efficiency, insight, and profitability, HP Amplify partners aren’t just focused on revenue achievements. Success comes from holistic accomplishments. Partners like Genesis are recognized for their commitment and ability to succeed in HP’s three pillars of engagement:

  1. Performance – HP Amplify rewards partners for a variety of Performance metrics.
  2. Collaboration – HP collaborates with partners to hone their digital skills and provide a more consistent customer experience across multiple channels.
  3. Capabilities – Partners who improve their capabilities can be more competitive, more relevant, and ultimately, more profitable in areas like data sharing, e-commerce solutions, and managed services.

Genesis Technologies is an HP Amplify Power Service Partner which is Amplify’s top partnership level. To get further details on how HP and partners like Genesis are preparing for the future to better serve customers download this free whitepaper called Future-Readiness By HP. If you would like to learn more about how Genesis Technologies can be a partner in managed print services for your business or organization contact us today!


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