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How Genuine HP Toner Cuts Printer Service Calls by 30% Skip to main content

How Genuine HP Toner Cuts Printer Service Calls by 30%

Tue Jun 06, 2017 | Genesis Technologies

For the same price as remanufactured (reman) toner, genuine OEM HP toner from Genesis Technologies typically reduces MFP service calls by 30%

How much do you spend every year on HP toner and service for your printers?

What if you could cut service calls by 30%?

Learn how Genesis can make this happen with genuine HP toner that is priced the same as recycled "reman" toner.

Why Are Service Calls Reduced?

We conducted a study of our managed print services (MPS) customers who were using 100% reman cartridges and switched to 100% OEM. On average, the number of service calls per year declined from 6-7 with reman toner to 4 or less with genuine OEM toner.

Why less service calls? Because reman toner manufacturers increase the yield of each cartridge by modifying the amount of toner that transfers from the imaging drum to the each page being printed so that you can get print more pages: around 25,000 pages printed per cartridge vs. 20,000. The trade-off? Print quality. Less toner being transferred to the page results in more complaints and service calls because the print quality is too light, which decreases legibility. Reman toners tend to also run dirtier, gumming up parts.

Genesis Technologies Offers Genuine HP Toner at Reman Prices

How can we offer the real thing for the price of reman? Because Genesis is an elite HP Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. We purchase a large volume of HP toner cartridges at very competitive prices. We then pass this savings along to you.

If You're Located in Chicago, Your Printer Service Cost Could be $0

If you buy your HP toner from us, we'll also include free onsite service if you're located in downtown Chicago or Northbrook and have at least 5 HP printers or if you're located in the Chicagoland area and have at least 10 HP printers.

Start Cutting Your Printer Service Costs Today



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