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iManage 9.3: What's New?

Thu Jul 21, 2016 | Genesis Technologies

Time for a Matter-Centric Refresh?

Sometimes the best path to a “new” system is refresh the one you have. Work and expectations are changing rapidly – even an iManage Work case management software implementation that is three years out of date is limiting the ability professionals to work as they want. Here's what's new with version 9.3 of iManage Work (formerly WorkSite).

New User Interface

The most compelling reason to upgrade your iManage desktop in 7 years to 9.3 is the refreshed interface: iManage now has a Windows 10 / Office 16 look and and feel that increases user satisfaction. See below:

Other Usability Improvements

Search Driven

File tree changes to navigable bread crumbs giving attorneys 30% screen real estate back for productive work and search. Search for anything with helpers and filters on the left to get through large results sets easily – and like the professional wants to search.

Pagination Architecture

If you go to page 800 of a large document, the system will serve up just those pages instead of downloading the whole file

Responsive Design

The new iManage Work 9.3 interface is now optimized for mobile use and for use on any size screen. For example, the navigation changes from a menu tile on your phone to a ribbon on your tablet to a full menu bar on your desktop. Even the spacing on items changes to accommodate “fat” fingers vs fine pointing devices like a mouse.

Analytics & Email Integration

When searching, you now have an almost infinite timeline of all documents touched or edited, side-by-side with a view into all emails filed into the system. Together with the list of matters most recently viewed, the single page will show a busy professional what has changed inside iManage work, most recently.

Use Cases

  • It's Monday morning-what's changed over the weekend and my key projects?
  • I'm working six deals and stepped away for lunch—what's changed?

Note the resemblance between the iManage 9.3 interface below and popular interfaces like Amazon or other popular shopping sites:

Demo Video



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