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Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Mon Mar 07, 2016 | Genesis Technologies

In manufacturing, quality and process efficiency is the recipe for success.

The same is true for manufacturing business processes, and workflow automation software reduces manual document processing time, costs and errors by 90%.

The following workflows are the Top 3 business process candidates for automation that generate the greatest return on investment:

  • Accounts payable (AP)
  • Human resources (HR)
  • Engineering change orders (ECOs)

AP Automation

While EDI helps to automate electronic invoice processing, what about the paper? Manually processing AP paper invoices is a tedious and error-prone chore on a good day, and that's when everything is filed properly and can be found later.

Automating AP paper invoice processing starts with the automation of routing and approvals to dramatically increase efficiency. A best practice is to scan paper invoices as soon as they are received, ideally in the mailroom, which then feeds the workflow engine. Once fully processed, scanned invoices are stored in document management software or the cloud for later search and retrieval.

Automated retention scheduling then helps ensure that you keep invoices and other financial information for the required 7 year period and not a day longer (when they are then automatically purged).

You can take it one step further by having us implement automated 3-way matching so that you can match up the purchase order with the proof-of-delivery and the invoice.

HR Automation

On-boarding new-employees can be as much a manual process as AP but the stakes are much higher. If an I-9 or tax form is not captured or quickly retrievable during an ICE or similar audit, your organization can incur painful fines.

HR workflow automation software helps ensure that all documents are captured in the new employee hiring process with document checklists and automated alerts. The software then routes all applications, resume submissions, tax forms, and benefits enrollment forms to the right people for processing.

HR workflow automation can also be used to streamline drug testing, expense reporting, vacation requests, performance reviews, employee off-boarding, and just about any other HR process you can think of.

Using e-forms takes this one step further by eliminating paper forms and data entry in the first place.

ECO Automation

Workflow automation software helps engineering departments manage engineering change orders/notices (ECOs/ECNs) by automatically alerting your staff of changes to the bill of materials (BOMs) so they can add the right drawings and other documentation as efficiently as possible.

Integration & The Next Step

There's a lot you can do with workflow automation software in manufacturing and we haven't even discussed integrating it with your accounting or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX, Sage MAS 90, and more. Click the link below and let's get the discussion started.



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