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MFP & Copier Hard Drive Security

Mon Feb 27, 2017 | Genesis Technologies

In today's world, businesses are all too aware of how important it is to protect data. In the past, there have been stories of how copiers, containing hard drives that store an image of every document ever copied on it, were being sold to foreign parties interested in data mining.

At Genesis, we understand your commitment to your security and make sure that all our hardware contains the proper hard drive security. Here's a look at two of our most popular brands, Canon and HP, and how they can help tackle the problem of hard drive security.

Canon's HDD Data Encryption & Erase

Most devices provide a sufficient level of security for many organizations. However, for those who need to meet stricter security measures in the private sector or comply with the stringent privacy and auditing regulations of the public sector, Canon now offers Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Security in the form of Data Encryption and Data Erase, two optional features that deliver higher levels of protection.

The HDD Data Encryption option has been designed to protect all temporary data and stored documents on the internal disk drive using 256-bit AES or 168-bit TDEA algorithms. The HDD Data Encryption Kit utilizes an inaccessible secret key that's stored on the plug-in board to encrypt and decrypt all data that's stored in random, non-continuous portions of the disk drive. Once written, the data is virtually irretrievable by anyone seeking to recover it from within the device or through external file recovery utilities. Each of the Data Encryption Kits are also equipped with the Common Criteria-certified (EAL3) MFP Security Chip 1.00.

Even after deletion, data can be potentially retrieved unless it's been effectively overwritten. In response, Canon has developed HDD Data Erase. Once activated, Data Erase will ensure that no traces of any temporary data or deleted documents remain accessible on the disk drive. The function uses a three-pronged approach to securely erase your data. To remove the possibility of erased data being retrieved, Data Erase will overwrite once with null data, once with random data, or three times with random data for maximum security. The overwrite process, which includes any references to the data's physical locations in the directory, is performed each time a file is deleted. Once Data Erase has had its way, the data is permanently irretrievable by hackers through disk utilities and file recovery tools.

HP Secure Data Erase Technology

Hewlett-Packard has developed its own NIST-compliant overwrite technology to help fight data mining and other breaches in hard drive security. Their Secure File Erase feature (now standard on HP LaserJet MFPs and printers) ensures any hard disk information from print, copy, fax, and scan jobs is securely removed. When this data is deleted, the hard disk areas storing the information are filled with random data using either a 1-pass or 3-pass overwrite, ensuring that the information cannot be recovered using diagnostic tools.

The HP Secure Hard Disk solution also protects "data at rest" using the AES 128 encryption standard. If the hard disk is removed from the system, the encrypted information on the disk is not readable. For failed hard disk devices, HP offers a Defective Media Retention Carepack. This service allows customers to maintain possession of failed disk storage devices while adjuring to terms and conditions of standard warranty agreements.

Finally, HP offers Customer Data Sanitization in order to handle the destruction of physical devices. When functional hard disks are returned to HP refurbish or recycle facilities, they are wiped with a destructive data pattern to all addressable locations. Non-functional drives are recycled by crushing at a metal separation plant.

Next Steps

Contact us to learn how to secure your current fleet of hardware and to eliminate all vulnerabilities. We can also help you identify the right new hardware with the right level of security as well as the best fit overall based on our 25 years of copier, MFP, printer, and managed print services (MPS)experience.



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