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MPS Secret: How a Balanced Printing Deployment Saves More Money

Tue Sep 19, 2017 | Genesis Technologies

At Genesis Technologies, saving our clients money and headache with managed print services (MPS) is far more important to us than selling you office equipment.

You'll mostly find the opposite from office equipment vendors and other independent dealers. These companies use their version of managed print services to show you how you to save a boatload of money by throwing out all your printers and replacing them with new copiers and MFPs.

The problem with this approach: the printers always find their way back.

A Dirty Secret

While the idea is sound, the reality doesn't work.

While copiers certainly can replace a legion of printers, you need to think about why those printers are there in the first place. Often, it's convenience so, if you take away printers from your employees, they usually find their way back shortly after you've made a significant investment in new copiers.

As a result, you may wind up spending more on printing than you did before.

A Balanced Deployment Approach

We understand that printers are part of the equation, so we recommend focusing on printing and copying smarter, having more responsive and effective maintenance, and procuring toner more cost-effectively.

We only recommend consolidating and/or upgrading devices when this approach meets your employees' requirements and is cost-justified, and possibly if new equipment is needed for security reasons.

Instead of throwing out printers, reducing the amount of printing is far more effective when you change the habits of high-volume printing users. By showing these employees better alternatives to printing, perhaps with some combination of eforms, PDFs and workflow automation software, you can get them to change their costly printing habits and reduce the need for some of your printers.

This "balanced deployment" approach often saves our clients up to 30% every year and the best way to start is with a print optimization assessment.

Print Optimization Assessment

Every client's printing requirements, habits, environment, and fleet of office equipment are different, and so is the opportunity to print smarter and save a lot of money with MPS. That’s why we begin every client relationship with a thorough assessment of your printing needs.

Our print optimization assessment explores how every piece of printed material in your organization fits into the bigger picture of workflow and document management. That means not only determining the hard and soft costs of the print system, but assessing it within the context of what works for your employees.

We want you to have the right office equipment for your needs, even if that means you already own a lot of it. Our 26 years of experience has shown us that most of the time, most savings result from putting the right device in the right place, with help from the right partner, instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach.



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