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MPS Services: Copier Vendors vs. Independent Providers Skip to main content

MPS Services: Copier Vendors vs. Independent Providers

Tue Jan 31, 2017 | Genesis Technologies

In the past, the only option businesses had was to purchase their printers, MFPs, copiers, and related supplies from a copier vendor. The vendor provided the hardware and usually repair and maintenance services, but that was the end of their involvement.

The old transactional, hardware revenue model has been eclipsed today by managed print services (MPS)from independent providers like Genesis Technologies.

A New Option

Over the past decade, printer manufacturers have been steering most of their enterprise-market sales toward MPS to more effectively manage those environments.

Initially, vendors used MPS as a strategy to take over a client's entire print network, including competitors' printers within those networks. Vendors are interested in selling you more hardware, but Genesis is focused on using your existing hardware smarter. We promote print reduction through device consolidation, rules-based printing and stricter printing controls.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

There are many reasons to consider managed print services, starting with improved control over print use and costs to drive more savings and meet sustainability goals.

A lot of businesses don’t know how many and what types of printers they have, their user-to-printer ratio, and who’s using which printers and how. We can also help you keep track of your spending on toner, paper and other consumables. We’ll help usher in user policy changes that use print resources more efficiently and put print governance in place to support compliance. We can streamline your IT processes, such as automating data gathering and management, and lay the groundwork for ongoing process improvement with fact-based data.

Contract Consolidation

We will also help you save money by consolidating related contracts. Contract consolidation can free up time for your employees who currently have to dedicate a considerable portion of their time to managing a myriad of vendor relationships with multiple suppliers. It can also help prevent gaps in your company’s r support coverage.

Enhanced Security

In addition to reduced costs, you’ll be protected with enhanced security. Our MPS service allows you to add more print security, control and reporting without disrupting your IT infrastructure. You’ll be able to authenticate users for secure printing anywhere without putting information/data at risk. We can help your IT managers instruct users about security best practices for printing environments, and offer advice about useful technologies such as data encryption solutions that protect files being temporarily stored on an MFP's internal hard drive.

Nationwide Service

An important consideration for national companies is to hire a service provider that operates nationwide so they can serve all of your locations.

Genesis provides sales and service coverage in the continental 48 states. Our field service technicians will be at your location in a matter of hours instead of days (our average response time is 2.8 hours) with a full stock of parts from local warehouses.

When you need new parts and supplies to keep your devices running smoothly, our team will be there with the correct items, making sure your needs are met on the first visit.

Not Sure?

We know that change can be painful, and MPS induces the change necessary to operate more productively, with less cost (often up to 30% of current print and maintenance costs), for a win-win. However, if you're not sure what the impact might be, having our MPS consultants conduct a Managed Print Assessment may be the right first step.



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