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Questions To Answer In Hybrid Work Environments

Mon Jun 07, 2021 | Genesis Technologies

In the past year, most organizations had to quickly shift to a structure that supports remote workers. As businesses return to the physical office space, remote work remains and will continue to remain prevalent. While businesses navigate a hybrid work environment, Genesis Technologies can guide your business in implementing solutions that help employees stay connected and maintain access to critical business information while also implementing high levels of security and control – regardless of location.

Gartner predicts that, “through 2024, around 40% of all employees working remotely will work more than one day a week from home but not all week.” – Gartner, Forecast Analysis Remote Workers Forecast, Worldwide, August 2020

Questions you should be asking to uncover and properly plan for a hybrid work environment:

Q: Has your business adopted a hybrid work environment with a mix of in-office and remote employees? What is the ratio of employees working from home to working in the office? What are your long-term plans regarding a hybrid work environment?

Q: What challenges have you experienced with some employees working in the office and others working remotely?

Q: What policies have your organization implemented to enable printing and scanning from employees’ home offices?

Q: How do employees working from home print to MFPs in the office?

Q: What print and document security concerns do you have with employees working from home?

Q: How are you tracking and controlling print/scan activity for both remote and in office users?

Q: What challenges have you experienced in creating effective information management policies that are easy to enforce, manage and maintain with your remote workforce?

Q: How have you made critical business documents available to remote users?

Q: With the inability to physically access and move paper documents around the office as done in the past, what new processes have been used to complete these tasks?

Q: With employees accessing information across multiple locations, how your information is used, shared and stored been affected? Are you looking to start understanding the cost and value of information stored on the network?

Q: Have you migrated your business applications to the cloud? Are you using any cloud applications, such as Microsoft Office 365?

Q: With more companies moving their infrastructure offsite and into the Cloud, there are hard costs for adopting IaaS. What is your organization’s plan for reducing the costs for server capacity and storage space?

Q: Do you have users who are using Chromebooks or need to print from Google Chrome regardless of network?

Q: Does your IT Department have it in their short-term plans to implement a driverless print strategy like Microsoft’s Universal Print?

Q: If your employees are back in the office, what measures have you put in place to limit physical touchpoints for shared office resources such as MFPs and printers?



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