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What's New with FileBound 7.3 Document Management Software

Mon Oct 10, 2016 | Genesis Technologies

The most impressive to the Genesis Technologies team includes integration with SalesForce and DocuSign.

Integrations Stencil added to Workflow Designer


The Integrations stencil will allow users to make API calls within workflow to retrieve and update data. (Available with Enterprise License Only).


A user is able to get and send data to and from virtually any third party API (rest or web API).

Use Case

The sales department is currently using Salesforce to track opportunities and WebDocs to process the opportunity through an internal workflow process. They can now use the integration stencil to update the opportunity stage in Salesforce automatically as the opportunity moves through their internal WebDocs workflow process.

In other words, if you change a sales opportunity stage from "negotiate" to "close" or "won," the Salesforce and FileBound document management integration will kick off a workflow that routes a credit application, contract or other paperwork templates to be created and sent to the new customer.



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