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HR: Going Paperless in 2017

Nov 21, 2016

hr-paperless-workflow-automation-softwareThe paperless office is a nice thought: no more filing cabinets, no unauthorized access (including IT), streamlined on-boarding and benefits enrollment, ensuring I-9s are managed properly, providing higher quality HR service to your employees and management team... the list goes on.

HR workflow automation and document management software is a way to achieve all of the above in one fell swoop, but there are many options out there, so how do you decide what is the best fit for your organization?

HR Workflow Automation Checklist

There are many options out there, so here's a checklist of HR best practices for workflow automation and document management software:

  • An interface that doesn't require extensive training
  • The agility to quickly create new forms and workflows and add new users and projects
  • Allows people to work when, where and how they choose
  • Integration with other systems so that users may be able to access documents through the software they are currently using, eliminating disruption
  • Creates a consolidated employee record with documents of any kind (PDFs, e-forms, Word docs) without changing the format of those documents
  • Allows users to collaborate on some documents and locks down other documents, depending on the need and the user role, and manages multiple versions
  • Extends functionality outside of the traditional walls of the enterprise to foster interaction with prospective employees, contractors, separate divisions, etc.
  • Tools that empower business users to modify automated workflows, create e-forms, add users or perform other tasks on the fly
  • A licensing model that supports engagement by not restricting the number of users
  • Cloud facilities that have been audited by an impartial organization

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Next Steps

If you want your HR department and how you manage employee files to be paperless in 2017 with workflow automation and document management software, there's no better time to start than six months ago. The second best time to start is now.

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