Illinois ASBO Annual Conference 2019


Genesis Technologies is proud to once again take part in the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO) Annual Conference.

As stated by IASBO, "There is no limit to what can happen when school business and industry professionals gather to share their knowledge and create better solutions for schools."

We hope you enjoyed this year’s conference and happy that you stopped at our booth to talk to us about how we can help create a better solution for your school.

FREE Print Strategy Assessment Offer

For being an IASBO member and for stopping at our booth you are eligible to take advantage of this FREE Print Strategy Assessment Offer valued at $3,000.

Complete the offer submission form below and get started today. It’s easy, free and at zero risk with no obligations or contracts to sign.

Offer Details:

  • Receive reporting on B&W and Color print volumes
  • Receive reporting on end-user printing
  • Receive reporting on document printing
  • Receive recommendations on how to reduce print spend through migrating print volumes to more efficient output devices

How it works:

Through GT Insight – THE NEXT GENERATION OF MANAGED PRINT SERVICES – we will run our assessment tool, GT Insight User Management (GTIUM), for a 30-day period collecting user data giving us access to powerful, interactive dashboards that unify user, device and document data. Traditional reporting tools only gives a 2-dimensional view of printer data, GTIUM enables us to dig deep into device, user and document data with powerful drill-down capabilities into your print environment enabling us to develop a print strategy designed to optimize print costs and improve efficiencies around your specific goals you are trying to obtain.


GT Insight The Next Generation Of Managed Print Services


Create cost-conscious users. Reduce your environmental impact.

Printing costs are running out of control for many educational facilities. In an economy of education cuts and rising expenses, both K-12 and post-secondary institutions are struggling to manage the expense of document creation.

Implementing a print management strategy will allow your school to save thousands of dollars every month by helping you gain a complete understanding of your costs and enabling your faculty and students to make better printing decisions.


  • Track every document produced in your environment by prompting students or faculty to enter a PIN number or department ID
  • Utilize declining balances to encourage students to ration their printing
  • Set printing limits and redirect large jobs to more efficient devices.
  • Track and control photocopying with GT Insight’s optional Copy Audit solution.
  • Includes free, unlimited technical support.

1. Provide an overview of what types of printers are being used most:

2. Drill into specific types of devices, such as local printers and see which have the highest volumes.


Overview of what types of printers are being used

3. Go even deeper and reveal which documents the user is printing to this device, if jobs are being duplexed and much more! Use this information to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

4. Look further into a particular device and discover key information about it, such as who’s printing to it the most and the size of each print job.


Reveal which documents the user is printing to a device

With GT Insight User Management, you can view a high-level overview of your print environment or explore as much detail as you like. Unlike traditional reports, the possibilities are endless!

Get your FREE Print Strategy Assessment today! Fill out a little of your information and a Genesis Associate will contact you within 24 hours.