What Is MPS: Managed Print Services?

Cut Your Printing Costs by up to 30%

For those needing help to manage their entire fleet of printers, copiers and MFPs, Genesis managed print services (MPS) can reduce your printing and document output costs by as much as 30% while improving your company's document production capabilities. We are the leading independent provider of MPS in the nation.


Why MPS?

Managed print services from Genesis is ideal if any of the following applies to you:

  • You're not happy with your current MPS provider
  • You want a way compare what your MPS provider is doing with something else
  • You want to reduce your printing and copying costs even further
  • You want to take your MPS to the next level and use software to manage your environment, like using "follow me printing" and print optimization from uniFLOW

Why Genesis MPS?

Many copier manufacturers and their tied dealers offer MPS. However, they can only offer their own brand of printers, copiers and MFPs – and really just want to sell you copiers. For example, if you have 45 printers and 8 copiers, the copier guys will want you to get rid of your printers and have your employees share devices. This may cause productivity issues (not to mention a lot of grumbling) and their branded copiers may not be the most cost-effective or have the right features/functionality.

We are independent and take a more holistic view on MPS: we always match the right solution to your environment because we represent several brands of printers and office equipment. We also do so much volume with HP that we can cut an additional 30% out of your toner and maintenance costs.

Cut Your Toner & Maintenance Costs by 30%

MPS Assessment

If you're interested in learning more, Genesis Technologies will perform a managed print services assessment of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your entire fleet of printers, copiers and MFPs.

MPS Assessment Request Form