Managed Print Services (MPS): American Airlines Case Study

Genesis Technologies Introduces Streamlined Printing within American Airlines Center

Managed Print Services (MPS) Case Study: American Airlines Center

Our managed print services (MPS) promotes greater efficiency and significant cost savings.

Executive Summary


  • Disorganized print infrastructure driving up overall costs
  • Continuous equipment failures with no backing customer service to remedy issues
  • Inefficient supply ordering practices
  • Looking to lower costs rather than ordering haphazardly from an array of sources


  • Standardization on one vendor for all print related needs: Genesis Technologies


  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Superb customer service leading to new business


American Airlines Center, a multi-function venue based in Dallas, and home to major NBA and NHL teams as well as a venue for other large-scale productions such as concerts, and family oriented events, was looking for a vendor that could firm up their printing infrastructure. As it was, their current infrastructure amounted to nothing more than a widespread mess and was a constant thorn in the side of the businesses day-to-day operations. Calls for service were going unanswered, or were met with an array of "have you tried this" responses before any sort of service crew was sent out to assess a specific issue.

AAC's IT staff had many tasks to worry about throughout the facility, (being that they are a high-tech state-of-the-art venue,) so dealing with the rigorous task of trying to fix printer issues and stock supplies with little to no advance warning was not something they wanted to continue fielding themselves. To solve their printing infrastructure issues, AAC contacted local print service management specialists, Genesis Technologies, who also has an office in Dallas.

"We found ourselves in a position where we had an existing service contract with an expiration date that was looming," said AAC's IT Director. "We were not very happy at all with the company we had been dealing with due to their high cost relative to the quality of service we were receiving from them. So we brought Genesis – a Hewlett Packard OPS Elite certified business partner – in on a one-year trial basis so that we weren't stuck with another problem child as was experienced with the previous vendor." "Genesis came in and immediately began to remedy issues we were having within our printing infrastructure – taking over service duties, stocking supplies, etc. They did a great job and we had no hesitation bringing them onboard with a full-time contractual agreement at the end of that initial trial phase."


AAC was facing was the fact that their print infrastructure was in disarray which caused both stress for the business and the IT department which had to face these issues head on. They were also looking to try to save some money in this area as they were paying a premium for a service contract that wasn't providing them with a reciprocal quality of service. They were also stocking their shelves with printing related supplies from places such Staples, so they weren't really getting any sort of break or business benefit being that they used a large quantity of these outside products.

"We were experiencing continual breakdowns within our printing infrastructure," said AAC's IT Director. "It seemed as if it was never-ending. Trying to get someone out to fix the problem for us was a whole other challenge in itself. We constantly had to spend 15-20 minutes on the phone convincing our previous service provider that we had done everything possible to try to troubleshoot the problem ourselves. After wasting valuable time on the line with them, they'd finally send out a technician. It was never easy."

"When AAC first contacted me, they hadn't had quality service maintenance on their fleet of printers for quite some time," said Genesis Technologies. "There was a serious pain here because the IT staff was tasked with much more important duties. When a printer breaks down it's usually deemed urgent and they to respond to those problems, diverting their attention from more critical and potentially valuable tasks at hand. By bringing us in, they were able to save time, and money, while freeing them up to focus on the more important daily tasks."

Implementation & Business Impact

Genesis was brought in on a one-year trial basis to manage the printing infrastructure at AAC. They were responsible for the printer maintenance and service needs, as well as keeping the supply shelves stocked for future use. Genesis used their industry leading knowledge and expertise to take the existing printing infrastructure and transform it into a much more efficient, free-flowing entity. They have provided AAC with a high level of service, and immediately assessed the situation at hand and made the decision to replace 12 Xerox copiers with 12 various HP multifunction units.

"They came in on the first day and ran a managed print services study to see what was being printed, and where it was being printed to. They assessed how many devices we needed versus how many we currently had," said AAC's IT Director.

They showed us how to effectively and immediately cut printing costs and make our environment a much more efficient, well-oiled machine."

"Nowadays, we place a thirty-second phone call, and they're knocking on the door as soon as they possibly can. It's easy. We have a problem, they send someone to figure it out and fix it - if need be. It's not a drawn out, repetitive process like we experienced with our last provider. Sometimes, they wouldn't even show up... In the event that Genesis couldn't immediately fix a printer, they switched the problem unit out and replaced it. They've also lent us printers for bigger events where we might see a spike in volume otherwise unfamiliar to our infrastructure. They go above and beyond for us."

"We pride ourselves on providing AAC and all of our clients with a very quick response time," said Genesis Technologies. "We know the problems our clients face are detrimental to the operation of their business, so we do everything in our power to help them fix, and altogether avoid these hiccups. We've lowered AAC's total cost of ownership within their printing infrastructure substantially, and present them with forward planning on future projects and needs."


Within the span of that trial year, Genesis managed to bolster and streamline AAC's printing infrastructure while simultaneously saving them a staggering 27% on their relative printing costs. Following the initial one-year trial, the two parties came to terms on a contractual three-year agreement. Recently, AAC has renewed the three-year agreement for a second term, making Genesis their exclusive print management service providers. Genesis manages and services all print, copy, and fax solutions within the organization.

"I would – without question – place Genesis into the top three vendors that we currently work with," said AAC's IT Director. "In an organization of our size, with all the different pieces and parts, and all of the different people we work with on a daily basis... that's saying something. Their ability to manage the environment we have in house, and service our specific needs as they arise, is without question second-to-none. They do everything they can to keep us running smoothly and efficiently, which, in the end, makes us very happy."

"Dealing with an organization has large as AAC, with all the events they have going on, is a great challenge and a lot of fun," said Genesis. "I appreciate having them as a client because when I mention that we work with them, it develops a rapport and common ground with prospects very quickly. If we can successfully outfit and service them, we can certainly tackle any challenge that happens our way."

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