HP PageWide Printing Technology

HP PageWide Printer & MFP TechnologyImagine that you could reinvent the way you printed: faster, using less energy, more productively, more efficiently and with less cost with improved performance in every way. That future has now arrived in the form of HP PageWide Technology.

As an HP MPS Best in Class and HP First Platinum Partner, HP's PageWide printing technology is the most impressive we've ever seen. Here's why.

PageWide Highlights

  • Quality: PageWide makes it possible to produce durable prints on a wide range of media with HP pigments for deep blacks and vivid colors
  • Productivity: PageWide makes it possible to print at a speed of up to 75 color pages per minute on business-class MFPs and 6,900 PPM in commercial applications
  • Economics: PageWide makes it possible to save up to 50% in total printing costs compared to other color laser printers, without sacrificing image quality

Key Models

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