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Genesis Technologies is a Registered Reseller for Zebra Technologies, a leading provider of barcode printers, products and supplies. Zebra products are widely used in the healthcare, warehousing, retail, hospitality and other industries.

Printing. Tagging. Tracking. Locating.

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of products and solutions gives you smarter ways to track and manage your assets. With Zebra’s barcode and RFID printer solutions, you can produce labels, receipts, documents or cards on-demand. Today, customers around the world and across multiple industries use Zebra printers to know more about the assets and data that flow through their operations and make better decisions.

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Enhance patient safety from admissions to discharge, and throughout the patient journey, safety starts with positive patient identification. Zebra Identity Solutions enable accurate specimen collection and management, medication administration and patient identification, helping you improve patient safety and protect patient rights.


The more visibility you have, the faster you turn inventory into revenue. Economies and businesses are built on the right goods getting to the right place at the right time. The logistics to make it happen converge in your warehouses and distribution centers. Zebra's technology solutions capture, verify and mobilize the data you need to more accurately fill internal and external customer orders with held inventory. See what you have and where it needs to go in real-time and build the efficiencies that turn products into revenue, quickly and flawlessly.


To be competitive, you need to offer customers a superior shopping experience, reliable service and real-time visibility into merchandise stock and pricing. Zebra provides the tools to ensure that your customers can find the perfect product, color, size and price - delivered on time no matter where they are, or where they ordered from.

Zebra ZT200 Industrial Printers