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AP departments using FileBound’s accounts payable document management solutions dramatically increase their productivity and visibility by driving out the barriers to efficiency.

Do more than process invoices. Optimize your vendor lifecycle and take a more strategic look at your vendors. Sure, POs and invoices are a big part of working with vendors, but what if you could take a more holistic view? From selection and onboarding through contracts and payments, we can help you automate the entire vendor lifecycle, including our vendor management portal where your vendors can self-service by submitting documentation, invoices and track payments on their own.

AP Workflow Automation Benefits

  • Remove Bottlenecks: ensure that invoices are paid on time with less effort so that no more time spent passing paper around, matching invoices to POs or other documentation or chasing down approvals
  • Enforce Compliance: automated workflow guarantees that all of the proper procedures are followed and documented, so complying with audits and preventing fraudulent invoices are much simpler
  • Increase Visibility: advanced analytics expose data about employee productivity, transaction volumes, financial liabilities, vendor interactions, and more to identify areas for improvement
  • Eliminate Missing & Duplicate Invoices: avoid missed, late or duplicate payments so you can have happier vendors and fewer customer service calls
  • Cut Costs & Delays: invoices enter the system quickly, are routed automatically and accessible from anywhere, reducing the amount of labor needed to maintain or even increase productivity – costs for moving, filing and storing paper documents are also eliminated

FileBound AP Automation Software Features

  • Easy to use and configure, providing the agility to quickly add users or modify processes without extensive training
  • Seamless mobile access keeps processes moving by supporting hassle-free anytime, anywhere access
  • Affordable licensing model lets you roll it out to even occasional users and create secure, self-service access to documents
  • Supports the ability to quickly locate a specific document based on type (e.g., this month’s invoice for a particular vendor) or search across all documents in the FileBound system (e.g., every invoice, PO, contract, etc. related to that vendor)
  • Scales quickly to adapt to changes in the volume of work or number of users due to organic growth or merger/acquisition

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