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Many employers view employees as a company’s greatest asset, especially in a knowledge worker economy.

FileBound increases Human Resources efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle, from applications to terminations. Instead of managing files and routing documents physically or via email, streamline the process to quickly bring new hires on board, improve employee relations, and provide efficient service without losing the human touch. Grant HR employees more time to focus on work that is meaningful, such as culture, retention initiatives and professional development.

HR Workflow Automation Benefits

  • Shorter cycle times to respond to preferred candidates sooner. Process automation shortens response times and monitors tasks to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Better employee service because the system ensures that employees are aware of any upcoming activities or potential deadlines. HR staff can respond to questions faster through immediate access to the employee record or by allowing secure self-service to employees who want to view documents on file.
  • Secure storage of employee files that is less susceptible to loss or unauthorized access than physical records.
  • Reduces costs associated with the time and materials needed to maintain paper records and/or manually create checklists, alerts, file audits, notifications and other activities. HR employees can be more productive, reducing the need to increase staffing, and the costs of filing systems and office space devoted to record storage are eliminated.

FileBound HR Automation Software Features

  • Role-based access balances availability with security, allowing employees to view only the records they need to see and limiting their rights to modify or print certain documents
  • Seamless mobility makes it easy for employees to complete their work from any device, eliminating delays resulting from business travel or other factors
  • Secure storage of employee files that is less susceptible to loss or unauthorized access than physical records
  • Readily integrates with human capital management, payroll and other systems to improve overall departmental effectiveness and avoid duplicate effort

FileBound HR Workflow Automation Videos


Application Workflow Video


Onboarding Workflow Video


Employee Management Workflow Video


Termination Workflow Video