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Genesis works with dozens and dozens of financial enterprises across the nation.

At Genesis, we understand that financial enterprises face complex and unique challenges that must be conquered in order to effectively and reliably serve your customers, from regulatory compliance standards to data security, to audit procedures. The financial crisis brought immense challenges and changes to the finance industry. Having recovered from this, now FinTech gains strength, forcing the industry to rethink traditional business concepts. Cutting costs and increasing efficiency is the current mantra – a reduction of paper waste is a good start.

We are passionate about helping financial enterprises be more productive and decrease costs. Financial enterprises must ensure accuracy in all transactions as well as compliance with financial and security regulations. Constant information requests and volatile demands add pressure to an already challenged enterprise.

Recommended Software Solutions

Genesis partners with leading software solution companies to provide your financial enterprise with solutions that help secure, track, increase efficiency, attain accountability and improve compliance. There are even solutions built on AI platforms that can solve real-world problems within financial enterprises. These solutions, called robots, automate routine tasks and provide powerful information about your content, increase productivity and get more out of your data.


There’s no question; from regulatory compliance standards, to data security, to audit procedures, the Financial Services industry faces complex and unique challenges that must be conquered in order to effectively and reliably serve your customers. For Financial professionals, FileBound workflow and automation solutions can be tailored specifically to these challenges.

With FileBound, we alleviate the burden for you and your employees by anticipating actions that need to be taken to keep everything running smoothly while remaining federally compliant. FileBound seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing ERP, CRM, and other business systems. We simplify back-office procedures so you can quickly locate specific information and documents in a snap, route appropriate documentation with ease, and work to eliminate the cost and headaches associated with maintaining paper-based processes. Tracking financial agreements and contracts, a historically complex and time-consuming process, can now be monitored step-by-step from arrival through execution.

Our cloud-based storage also means your customer data is securely and reliably protected according to industry standards and compliance mandates. But in addition, storage in the cloud means that every version of every document is available for review, meaning your records are completely retained and audit-ready, anytime you need them.

Most importantly, the long term benefits of incorporating FileBound into your existing systems goes beyond back-office innovations. A professional, innovative approach to document workflow means you can offer your customers improved – sometimes instantaneous – service that will exceed expectations. By automating appropriate processes, new accounts can be opened faster, contracts can be routed seamlessly, and customers reap the ultimate benefits. By incorporating FileBound’s solutions, you will promote your brand’s reputation for cutting edge technology and next-level customer service.

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Secure Document Management for Commercial Banking & Financial Services
The inaccuracies and costs associated with manually sorting and reviewing documents can be burdensome for any financial institution. Automated document management software designed for fund managers and financial services professionals reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction by streamlining burdensome manual processes. Using iManage AI and document management solutions you can facilitate client communications and leverage knowledge spread throughout the enterprise. Find out why iManage is the perfect document management solution for fund managers and commercial bankers to review LIBOR documents, manage sensitive data and solve complex problems using AI technology.

Fund, Asset Management - Streamline research, collaboration and deals
Fund managers need innovative ways to reduce costs and meet customer expectations in the face of rapidly fluctuating markets. Streamlining processes while facilitating client communication becomes more important than ever.

Using iManage document management solutions, fund and asset management professionals can:

  • Improve productivity: Electronic workspaces integrate email documents and more in a single integrated view
  • Improve client service: Share and collaborate securely and easily. Be more responsive from mobile devices
  • Move from paper to digital: Improve quality, while reduce costs and carbon footprint
  • Gain new insights: Comprehensive search and knowledge management
  • Improve governance and security: Secure and manage all electronic and physical files in accordance with policy

Insurance Brokerages - A Single View into all Client Activity for Better Service

Today’s insurance business is more mobile than ever before, presenting both challenges and opportunities for firms and brokers alike. Here’s how iManage Work Product Management can help streamline your process.

A Single View: Manage emails, documents and other work product in unified folders by client and policy or claim.

Find Proposals and Policies: A single search across all emails documents and associated work product keeps professionals productive with access to all relevant information.

End-to-End Integrations: Tightly integrated with forms-based applications to manage information right from the policy request, to the negotiation of terms and the final underwriting and delivery of the policy.

Seamless File Sharing: Pass critical work product back and forth between external parties including wholesalers, clients and underwriters with peace of mind.

Stay connected with clients: Full-featured mobile app makes accessing your files easy on the go, so you’re never disconnected from key client information.

Commercial banking Enable Client Teams to Work Better – and Smarter – Together
With increased competitive pressure and client demands, commercial banks are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

iManage helps commercial banking professionals:

  • Manage Complex Client Relationships: The single unified client folder stores all emails, proposals contracts, and research
  • Develop Better Proposals, Faster: Find and reuse best practice information with robust search
  • Collaborate & Communicate More Easily: Share key documents and financial models with clients and external parties, securely and conveniently
  • Access What’s Relevant: Search across all project or client emails documents and associated work product so you always have access to the latest-and most accurate information
  • Automate Archiving: Manage and retain all client related work product in accordance with proper policies – automatically

Work More Productively

  • iManage Work 10 – Secure document and email management
  • iManage Share – Secure governed file sharing and collaboration

Work Smarter

  • iManage RAVN Classify – Intelligently understand and classify organization content
  • iManage RAVN Extract – Automatically read, interpret and extract key information from documents
  • iManage RAVN Insight – Advanced enterprise search and expertise identification

Work Safer

  • iManage Security Policy Manager – Manage global security policies at scale
  • iManage Threat Manager – 24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats
  • iManage Records Manager – Manage physical and electronic assets for retention and governance

iManage AI Solutions for Financial Service Firms
iManage solutions use the iManage AI platform to review LIBOR documents, organize M & A contracts and solve other real-world problems within accounting firms. These solutions, called robots, automate routine tasks and provide powerful information about your content, increase productivity and get more out of your data. iManage robots for accounting firms include:

  • iManage M&A Contracts Due Diligence Robot – Automatically organize, analyze and extract key data from loan portfolios and other M&A documents
  • iManage ISDA MA, CSA Robot – Simple and efficient automated review for repapering ISDAs

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Ensure a high level of data security.

Take advantage of increased digitalization to improve efficiency.

The financial crisis brought immense challenges and changes to the finance industry. Having recovered from this, now FinTech gain strength, forcing the industry to rethink traditional business concepts. Cutting costs and increasing efficiency is the current mantra – reduction of paper waste is a good start. uniFLOW can also optimize document processes while increasing security to ensure compliance with data security regulations.

Increasing Efficiency with Print Technology

  • Combine Data Protection and Secure Printing: The finance and insurance industry is still heavily reliant on paper documents. Breaches of confidentiality might occur if customer records and other sensitive information are left on output trays. Secure Printing means all print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure print queue until they are released at a device.
  • Push Digitalization with decentralized Document Workflows: As digitalization evolves, paper documents are more digitalized so they are available to employees sooner. The automated OCR scan workflows offered by uniFLOW can facilitate automatic detection of scanned document types and extraction of key data, online database validations and integration with (third party) back-office systems. Scanned documents can also be converted into a searchable format.
  • Implement Print and Copy Strategies to cut Costs: The IT administrator can track costs and generate analytical reports to identify inefficient printing behaviors. Printing rules can then be put in place so certain documents are printed in black and white or double sided only and large print jobs be directed to a more cost-efficient printer or the print room.
  • Efficient Expense Management and Chargeback: uniFLOW allows print and scan costs to be allocated to the correct cost center. When sending a job to print, a pop-up screen can appear on the user’s PC with an option to select to which department or person the job should be charged. A similar screen can also be displayed on the multifunctional device (MFD) control panel.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliancy in the USA: SOX Compliancy is a topic which affects the whole company. uniFLOW can help the print and scan environment complies with SOX regulations. To provide secure data transfer, traffic between Canon devices and uniFLOW is encrypted and a reliable connection to the SQL database is installed. uniFLOW requires users to authenticate themselves before they can release and collect a print job and thus reduces the risk of data breaches.

Keep Customer Data and Other Confidential Documents Secure: uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at a device before documents can be released so customer data and other confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Improved Cost Control Saves Money:Using the built-in reporting system, organizations can track and analyze printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage so internal costs can be charged back correctly and current usage audited. Rerouting jobs results in immediate cost savings and more efficient processes.

Automatic Text Recognition Speeds Up Work Processes: With highly accurate, embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, document content and text are automatically identified. This functionality means documents can be converted quickly into PDF or office documents so employees are able to retrieve and work on documents immediately.

Cost Savings Through Predefined Job Settings: Administrators can specify in what form documents are printed e.g. emails always printed in black and white and large jobs double-sided. The limitation of more costly print operations leads to direct cost savings by reducing paper and toner consumption.

Reduce Errors Caused by Manual Processing: By automatically capturing metadata when scanning documents, errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and digital documents can be retrieved faster.

Streamlined Document Distribution Increases Efficiency: The automated scan workflows allow users to choose from a range of scan destinations e.g. scan to folder, email or DMS/ ECM-Systems such as Alfresco which optimizes business processes.

Support to Reach Environmental Goals: uniFLOW can significantly reduce the total print output volume which improves the environmental impact of an organization and saves valuable resources. This can be illustrated in reports which highlight whether sustainability goals have been reached.

Manage Budgets for Individual Departments and Branches: uniFLOW facilitates correct charge back to departments and branches. The costs incurred for each print or scan job are also visible to the user at the device. This promotes conscientious printing behavior and facilitates accurate long-term budget planning.

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Consider PaperCut, when:

  • You need to accurately charge projects and clients
  • Clients expect you to keep their printed documents confidential
  • The business cares about the impact of printing on the environment and to its bottom line
  • Integration of projects or billing systems is important

Client Billing: Charge clients for printing, copying, faxing and scanning.

Print Tracking: See who is printing what, when and where.

Secure Print Release: Keep sensitive documents safe with secure release.

Integration: Connect with existing business systems and data.

Print Archiving: Account for your business’ paper trail.

Reports: Report on all printer activity by employee, function or location

Install print tracking today.

  • Track and control with little staff overhead
  • Flexible charging rates for existing accounts
  • Assign printing to projects for easy client billing
  • Real time print visibility
  • Setup monthly reports for invoicing
  • Keep a record of activity with print archiving

Manage all multifunction device activity.

  • Tracking of copy, fax and scan
  • Print to anywhere with Find-Me printing
  • Securely release documents only when present
  • Works with any fleet of MFDs, single or mixed brands
  • Supported through our Certified Partner network

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HP Access Control

Transform imaging and printing practices for increased security and efficiency.

Your organization requires a convenient, cost-effective way to create a more secure and efficient imaging and printing environment. With HP Access Control, an HP JetAdvantage Security Solution, you can protect confidential information, enhance device security and management, while improving company-wide printing policies.

Now it’s easier than ever with HP JetAdvantage Security Solutions to protect print jobs and devices, improve workflows, and monitor printing practices—all while reducing costs and supporting organization-wide security, compliance, and environmental initiatives. Designed to integrate easily with HP devices, you can select specific HP Access Control Printing Solutions to address your needs.

Secure Authentication: Access Control Secure Authentication offers a variety of authentication options—including HP proximity card readers, PIC/PIN codes—to protect your devices and prevent unauthorized use.

Secure Pull Printing: HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing reduces unclaimed prints and increases efficiency. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when necessary—even on the go.

Job Accounting: HP Access Control Job Accounting makes it easy to accurately track and gather data, analyze the results, and then create and send reports. Apply mined data to allocate print costs, motivate employees to print smarter, and provide IT with the necessary information to improve fleet-wide forecasts.

Intelligent Management: HP Access Control Intelligent Management solutions help you control device usage, modify behavior, reduce costs, and enforce security goals.

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Financial services organizations face many challenges, from tighter budgets and fiercer competition to increased regulation and intensified media scrutiny over the slightest compliance misstep. Nuance helps you gain control over all your document processes – so you gain the confidence you need to succeed.

After weathering the global financial crisis, banks now forecast increased lending activity – and bluer skies. Yet this upturn brings a challenge: implementing workflow management that eliminates paper-based processes and the associated delays, errors and costs.

Nuance Document Finance Solutions can help automate your distributed offices and branches, improve efficiency and increase the number of loans processed by up to 50%. All while winning, satisfying and retaining customers.

Financial Document Management - Faster Business Processes Create Happier Bank Customers
Nuance can help your financial institution transform business processes into a faster, more compliant and better customer experience. Our document print, capture and distribution solution is built to accelerate processing time, automate time-consuming, error-prone processes and improve your regulatory compliance efforts.

Nuance Document Finance Solutions can help you secure documents and workflows

Capture & Print - Receive & Output

  • New consumer loan, business loan and mortgage applications
  • Customer on-boarding forms and documents
  • Internal document requests
  • All distributed branch documentation

Manage - Seamlessly Process:

  • Every step-in loan origination and customer on-boarding
  • All distributed branch documents and workflows
  • Work with third parties, such as underwriters, notaries, etc.

Protect - Secure documents by:

  • Encrypting data
  • Securing workstations (MFDs) and smart devices, including mobile
  • Authenticating users
  • Restricting access and use of MFDs

Deliver - Securely Share or Print Documents like:

  • Loan approval applications
  • Credit reports
  • Internal document requests
  • Third-party reports
  • Underwriting / Notary exceptions
  • Titles, deeds, contracts or any original document

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Recommended Equipment

What printer or copy machines are right for your industry? As you know, today, most office-focused printers are digital and multifunctional. They can scan, copy, print, fax, download and email. Most can be owned or leased. Some advanced models can also store account codes, make duplex copies, full-bleed print, sort, staple, make three-hole punches and print transparencies. Others also offer features that can cut costs and improve productivity. Those include wireless connectivity, image editing, security features such as biometric authentication and energy savings.

The sheer variety of copiers on the market can make shopping a daunting task. Regardless of the industry you are in, there are also different needs for different departments within an office. Marketing departments might demand higher quality imaging printers where accounting departments might only need black and white printing.


At Genesis, we like to approach each office in each industry as a one-off environment, unique to themselves. By doing so, we perform a complete assessment of your printing and workflow environment needs in order to provide your enterprises very own print strategy that includes the office equipment right for all your department. Our Sales Solution experts are on hand and will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get started by calling us today to learn more. 1.800.436.1994.

Search Equipment

We partner with the top equipment manufacturers.

Recommended Services

Genesis not only provides the highest level of service whether you need your printer, copier or MFP repaired or if you need to order supplies. We also have LIVE support, an online service center, and most importantly, we offer service that keeps your organization productive and secure.

Pro-Active Service Monitoring

Reduce equipment downtime with automated proactive supply and service monitoring program. Genesis can remotely monitor your printers/copiers and MFPs so that the device will notify us when supplies and service are needed.

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Secure Hard Drive Decommissioning

Improve security by reducing the opportunity for stolen data from hard drives no longer in use.

Genesis can bring in your hardware for hard drive secure erasing. Our technicians will remove your hard drives and put it in our eraser to perform a secure erase, overriding up to 7 times the Department of Defense standard. Upon completion, Genesis will provide a Certificate of Destruction.

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I just wanted you to know that it has been great working with Genesis!

"I just wanted you to know that it has been great working with Genesis! We needed enterprise-wide multi-function devices and vetted firms to see whom would be the best fit for us. While this was done prior to my arrival, the result was one that was welcome. It truly is a win-win partnership.

The sales and account management teams are extremely communicative, pro-active and personable. I personally feel that the decision made to go with Genesis was the correct one based on their total body of work. I would definitely recommend Genesis to anyone who needs services as I have mentioned here."

NetOps Mgr. of a Furniture Rental Service