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Genesis works with several hospitality providers across the nation.

At Genesis, we understand that hospitality providers face complex and unique challenges that must be conquered in order to effectively and reliably serve their guests. Hospitality providers must ensure their guests are well connected and their information is well protected. We are passionate about helping hospitality providers be more productive and decrease costs so they can focus on what matters most, their guests. With more and more hotel guests bringing tablets and other mobile devices with them when traveling, especially for business, access to reliable mobile printing is a required hotel service. Guests print documents for meetings, boarding passes and other types of files. It’s important to give your guests the power to print documents from any device to designated printers in business centers or at the front desk.

Recommended Software Solutions

Genesis partners with leading software solution companies to provide hospitality providers with solutions that help secure, track, increase efficiency and attain accountability.

uniFLOW Online

Simple, serverless, secure.

Cloud computing allows hospitality providers to re-evaluate how their guests purchase and assess how processes and markets work. uniFLOW Online is a cloud-based secure print and scan solution that addresses today’s challenges so that hospitality providers can reduce IT overheads, improve productivity and enhance security.

Flexible Authentication: Document security is preserved as a user has to be physically next to a device to gain access to it. To release print jobs or to use the available scan profiles users simply authenticate using a proximity card, a PIN code or a combination of both or by entering an ID or ID + PIN.

Print Confidential Documents securely: With uniFLOW Online users are able to print confidential documents securely. Print jobs submitted using the uniFLOW SmartClient stay within the local company network. Documents stored in a cloud service can be accessed after authentication at connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE and either be printed or saved to queue for later printing. All print jobs stay in a users’ personal secure print queue until the user authenticates at a device and releases them. With My Print Anywhere, print jobs follow users from device to device allowing the release of print jobs on any printer within their location. Users can also alter finishing options directly at the device before printing.

Send Print Jobs from anywhere: Regardless of location, users can use their smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. All submitted jobs appear in a user’s secure print queue and are accounted for, charged and managed correctly. All mobile print jobs are also displayed in the 'Mobile Print Jobs' widget on the dashboard. Whilst the job remains in the secure print queue users can also delete the print job using the widget.

Document Scanning: With uniFLOW Online users can scan documents directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The lean and intuitive user interface of the workflows helps to bring about immediate gains in productivity. The scan workflow 'Scan to Myself' is pre-created. Users can also scan directly to Concur® or one of the following cloud-based destinations: Dropbox, Google Drive™, Box, Microsoft OneDrive®/ OneDrive® for Business, Evernote® and Microsoft SharePoint® Online."

Track Print, Scan and Copy Costs: uniFLOW Online allows administrators to track their organization’s printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs enabling the allocation of costs to individual users, devices or departments. The uniFLOW Online dashboard displays all valuable information regarding the organization’s print, scan and copy environment. In addition, different reports can be created and exported.

Cloud-based Infrastructure: Using uniFLOW Online’s innovative technology there is no requirement for a local server. Secure jobs and related information are stored locally on the clients Windows® PC or a supporting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. Print jobs can also be released even when there is no connection available to uniFLOW Online.

Cloud-based Secure Printing, Scanning and Accounting

Local Print Jobs and regional Datacenters: Secure print jobs remain within the business' local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. All data remains within the region i.e. it is not exported to other legal jurisdictions.

Increase Document Security: By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.

Increase Office Productivity: Employee productivity can be increased by providing mobile printing, cloud printing and scanning facilities for users where they are needed.

Control and Reduce Print and Copy Costs: Administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan costs directly in the cloud with uniFLOW Online so that costs can be allocated to individual users, devices and departments.

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Recommended Equipment

What printer or copy machines are right for your industry? As you know, today, most office-focused printers are digital and multifunctional. They can scan, copy, print, fax, download and email. Most can be owned or leased. Some advanced models can also store account codes, make duplex copies, full-bleed print, sort, staple, make three-hole punches and print transparencies. Others also offer features that can cut costs and improve productivity. Those include wireless connectivity, image editing, security features such as biometric authentication and energy savings.

The sheer variety of copiers on the market can make shopping a daunting task. Regardless of the industry you are in, there are also different needs for different departments within an office. Marketing departments might demand higher quality imaging printers where accounting departments might only need black and white printing.


At Genesis, we like to approach each office in each industry as a one-off environment, unique to themselves. By doing so, we perform a complete assessment of your printing and workflow environment needs in order to provide your enterprises very own print strategy that includes the office equipment right for all your department. Our Sales Solution experts are on hand and will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get started by calling us today to learn more. 1.800.436.1994.

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We partner with the top equipment manufacturers.

Recommended Services

Genesis not only provides the highest level of service whether you need your printer, copier or MFP repaired or if you need to order supplies. We also have LIVE support, an online service center, and most importantly, we offer service that keeps your organization productive and secure.

Pro-Active Service Monitoring

Reduce equipment downtime with automated proactive supply and service monitoring program. Genesis can remotely monitor your printers/copiers and MFPs so that the device will notify us when supplies and service are needed.

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Secure Hard Drive Decommissioning

Improve security by reducing the opportunity for stolen data from hard drives no longer in use.

Genesis can bring in your hardware for hard drive secure erasing. Our technicians will remove your hard drives and put it in our eraser to perform a secure erase, overriding up to 7 times the Department of Defense standard. Upon completion, Genesis will provide a Certificate of Destruction.

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Before Genesis, I felt trapped in a vendor contract that I had inherited.

"Before I became a customer of Genesis Technologies, I felt trapped in a vendor contract that I had inherited. It was so vendor-sided with ridiculous fees and costs and absolutely zero customer service at most of my remote locations. At times taking several days and weeks to repair a copier which added a lot of time for my department to track down and stay on top of.

Rarely do I ever hear about one of my locations having copier issues. Genesis is an extension of my IT department that runs like a well-oiled machine. Genesis right sized my company with what I needed and I could not be more pleased about that!"

CIO of Bekins Moving Company