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Genesis has worked with dozens and dozens of manufacturers across the nation.

At Genesis, we understand that manufacturers face complex and unique challenges that must be conquered in order to effectively and reliably serve your customers, from regulatory compliance standards, to data security, to audit procedures. We are passionate about helping manufacturers be more productive and decrease costs. At the heart of industrial manufacturing is innovation – to devise new processes and increase efficiency. It is crucial to keep new material secure. Any strategy which lacks security considerations is likely to fail in the long run. Today more and more companies seek to follow a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy so new processes and technologies are necessary to cut waste and emissions. If successful, a brand’s reputation can be improved.

Recommended Software Solutions

Genesis partners with leading software solution companies to provide manufacturers with solutions that help secure, track, increase efficiency, attain accountability and improve compliance.


Reaching Security and Sustainability Goals at Once

Prevent Unauthorized Duplication of Confidential Documents: Intellectual property is the most important resource of any industrial manufacturing company. uniFLOW, with Canon’s iW SAM Express, can capture, audit and archive data and user information for print, copy scan and fax jobs. When a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, copied or sent notification can be automatically directed to a designated administrator to reduce the risk of crucial information going outside the company.

Scan Directly to the Destination Where the Document is Needed: Although digitalization processes are constantly upgrading there are still a large number of paper based processes. Documents must be captured and integrated into existing workflows. uniFLOW can scan to various destinations e.g. folder, email, desktop, common cloud destinations and any DMS/ECM destination. Scan Workflows follow users to every scanning device within the company.

Avoid Unauthorized Use of Your MFD’s: uniFLOW requires users to identify themselves at a device before using it. IT administrators can set print rules for different user groups or departments. Guest printing can be restricted so visitors cannot use the MFD’s (multifunction devices) at all or are restricted to certain functions only.

Support Corporate Social Responsibility: Economic use of resources leads to reduced paper usage which is a key step towards an improved environmental performance. Sustainability goals can be achieved through secure printing, double-sided printing and respecting MFD energy savings mode.

Get Ahead with Smart Print Features.

Keep Manufacturing Plans and Other Documents Secure: Users must authenticate themselves on a device using a card login, username/password, PIN code, job code, anonymous login or a combination of these. They have to be physically standing at the printer in order to release a print job. This guarantees company information is kept secure and provides a high degree of flexibility.

Reduce Errors Caused by Manual Processing: By automatically capturing metadata during the scan process at an MFD, errors caused by manual entry will be avoided and digital documents can be retrieved faster.

Accelerate Work Processes with Automatic Text Recognition: With highly accurate, embedded I.R.I.S. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, document content and text is automatically identified. This functionality means documents can be converted quickly into PDF or office documents so employees can retrieve and work on documents immediately.

Gain Control Through Predefined Job Settings: Administrators can specify in what form documents are printed e.g. emails are always printed in black and white and large jobs double-sided. Limiting more costly print options delivers direct cost savings as paper and toner consumption is reduced.

Increase Productivity with My Print Anywhere: Employees can submit print jobs from any location via their smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs by email, Apple AirPrint, web browser, internet printer driver, uniFLOW app or Google Cloud Print. They can then be collected from any available device all of which brings about increased productivity.

Keep Control of Print and Scan Budgets: Using uniFLOW’s built-in reporting system, organizations can track and assess printing, copying, faxing and scanning usage, allowing internal costs to be charged back to multi-level cost centers. This helps organizations have an overview of how print and scan budgets are spent.

Reduce Costs by Routing Large Print Jobs to More Cost-efficient Printers: IT managers can set rules so print jobs will be rerouted from expensive desktop printers to cheaper network MFDs or the print room which reduces and controls costs.

Achieve environmental Sustainability Goals: uniFLOW can bring about a significant reduction in the total volume of print output which improves the environmental impact of an organization as valuable resources are saved. uniFLOW can produce reports to illustrate how sustainability goals have been reached and how many trees have been saved.

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Manage and control office printing.

Reduce waste and save money for your business. PaperCut makes it easier for staff to print documents when and where they need them.

Consider PaperCut, when:

  • You need to securely print documents anywhere across your printers and MFD fleet
  • Manage requires visibility of usage and costs
  • Unnecessary printing results in wasted resources and affects your bottom line

Print Tracking: See who is printing what, when and where.

Rules & Policies: Promote savings with duplex and B&W printing rules.

Find-Me Printing: Print once and retrieve from the closest printer.

Reports: Report on all printer activity by employee, function or location.

User Tools: Keep staff printing responsibly with pop ups and reminders.

BYOD: Print from smartphones, tablets, laptops or Chromebooks. The right solution whatever size business.

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HP Access Control

Transform imaging and printing practices for increased security and efficiency.

Your organization requires a convenient, cost-effective way to create a more secure and efficient imaging and printing environment. With HP Access Control, an HP JetAdvantage Security Solution, you can protect confidential information, enhance device security and management, while improving company-wide printing policies. Now it’s easier than ever with HP JetAdvantage Security Solutions to protect print jobs and devices, improve workflows, and monitor printing practices—all while reducing costs and supporting organization-wide security, compliance, and environmental initiatives. Designed to integrate easily with HP devices, you can select specific HP Access Control Printing Solutions to address your needs.

Secure Authentication: Access Control Secure Authentication offers a variety of authentication options—including HP proximity card readers, PIC/PIN codes—to protect your devices and prevent unauthorized use.

Secure Pull Printing: HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing reduces unclaimed prints and increases efficiency. Users can print to a secure network, authenticate with ease, and retrieve jobs when necessary—even on the go.

Job Accounting HP: Access Control Job Accounting makes it easy to accurately track and gather data, analyze the results, and then create and send reports. Apply mined data to allocate print costs, motivate employees to print smarter, and provide IT with the necessary information to improve fleet-wide forecasts.

Intelligent Management: HP Access Control Intelligent Management solutions help you control device usage, modify behavior, reduce costs, and enforce security goals.

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Faster time to market with smart manufacturing workflows.

Make Documents Work for You—Not Against You: From transportation and technology to pharmaceuticals and consumables, manufacturers in every industry still rely on antiquated paper workflows throughout the product development process. And even digitized information is often stored across unconnected business platforms and databases.

Nuance Manufacturing Document Solutions help you streamline and secure information workflows across every step of the product lifecycle, so you can get to market faster, while reducing overhead costs.

Streamlined workflows
Now efficiency and security go hand-in-hand:
Nuance helps manufacturers increase efficiency and ensure document security across the entire product development process. With our data capture, print and mobile workflow solutions, you can digitize and share information across departments, locations and business systems to innovate faster and ensure product quality, while securing your intellectual property.

Capture & Print: Reduce costs by making information immediately available to everyone who needs it.

  • Supplier and vendor contracts
  • Purchase orders, work orders and change orders
  • Engineering and quality control documents
  • Customer orders

Go Mobile: Increase collaboration and efficiency by enabling employees to capture, print and share data from any mobile device with mobile document imaging.

  • Route documents to back-end systems
  • Release print jobs from mobile devices
  • Collaborate across locations

Accelerate Workflows: Connect information across the enterprise systems that run your business.

  • PLM, MRP, MES and ERP systems
  • Release print jobs from mobile devices
  • Databases and portals
  • Document management repositories

Security: Take risk out of the equation The faster the wheels of innovation turn—and the quicker everyone in your organization works—the greater the chance your proprietary information could be compromised. But you don’t have to sacrifice speed in your product development cycle to prevent security mistakes. Nuance can help with:

Authorization: Verify user credentials at every device. And prevent data capture and printing based on each user’s role in your organization.

Encryption: Encrypt communications between smart devices (such as MFPs), servers and destinations to protect proprietary information.

Authentication: Limit access to specific devices, applications and resources to authorized staff only.

Audit Trails: Track all smart device activities so you know who printed or scanned each document—as well as when and where that activity occurred. File

Destination Control: Ensure information is controlled before it ever gets to its intended destination with simultaneous monitoring and auditing of information in documents.

Content-based Filtering: Prevent confidential data loss and unsecured intellectual property from leaving your organization by filtering outbound communications and intercepting documents.

Secure Output: Hold print jobs in a secure queue and output them only when an authorized employee is ready to pick them up. And securely print, capture and convert any document from your existing business systems.

Mobility: Put innovation at everyone’s fingertips To be first to market in a competitive industry, everyone in your organization must work faster—and smarter. Nuance Manufacturing Document Solutions help you securely capture, share and print information, so your employees, suppliers and partners have instant access to the data they need, from any mobile device.

  • PDF and document conversion
  • Cloud file sharing and collaboration
  • Document capture and workflow
  • Print management, cost recovery, document capture and workflow

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Recommended Equipment

What printer or copy machines are right for your industry? As you know, today, most office-focused printers are digital and multifunctional. They can scan, copy, print, fax, download and email. Most can be owned or leased. Some advanced models can also store account codes, make duplex copies, full-bleed print, sort, staple, make three-hole punches and print transparencies. Others also offer features that can cut costs and improve productivity. Those include wireless connectivity, image editing, security features such as biometric authentication and energy savings.

The sheer variety of copiers on the market can make shopping a daunting task. Regardless of the industry you are in, there are also different needs for different departments within an office. Marketing departments might demand higher quality imaging printers where accounting departments might only need black and white printing.


At Genesis, we like to approach each office in each industry as a one-off environment, unique to themselves. By doing so, we perform a complete assessment of your printing and workflow environment needs in order to provide your enterprises very own print strategy that includes the office equipment right for all your department. Our Sales Solution experts are on hand and will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get started by calling us today to learn more. 1.800.436.1994.

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We partner with the top equipment manufacturers.

Recommended Services

Genesis not only provides the highest level of service whether you need your printer, copier or MFP repaired or if you need to order supplies. We also have LIVE support, an online service center, and most importantly, we offer service that keeps your organization productive and secure.

Pro-Active Service Monitoring

Reduce equipment downtime with automated proactive supply and service monitoring program. Genesis can remotely monitor your printers/copiers and MFPs so that the device will notify us when supplies and service are needed.

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Secure Hard Drive Decommissioning

Improve security by reducing the opportunity for stolen data from hard drives no longer in use.

Genesis can bring in your hardware for hard drive secure erasing. Our technicians will remove your hard drives and put it in our eraser to perform a secure erase, overriding up to 7 times the Department of Defense standard. Upon completion, Genesis will provide a Certificate of Destruction.

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Genesis has been a great business partner!

"Genesis has been a great business partner in helping our company manage print services over the years. Their technicians are knowledgeable and their service is timely. Their supplies program simplifies our IT department’s work and helps take some of the workload that allows us to focus on other tasks at hand."

Bruce Lawrence – IT Manager and Network Administrator for Liquid Controls