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You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Gain powerful insights into print costs, printing behaviors and printer utilization to drive efficiencies with this innovative cloud-based analytics solution.

Print is the largest unaudited expense in the enterprise. People print, not printers – IT is missing information on user behavior to manage volume, cost and waste. Device placements do not match work teams’ usage and often, only a percentage of a fleet is managed. Analysis can be difficult and overwhelming in today’s environment of multi-vendor fleets, personal and networked printers and distributed workforce.


Introducing HP JetAdvantage Insights – a powerful tool to analyze print and copy usage and optimize print environment

  • Track print costs by user, department or location
  • Influence printing behavior to make the best use of devices
  • Run real-time reports to see monthly print volume and view print device details
  • Accurately monitor every device in the fleet – including non-HP and PC-connected printers
  • Monitor printers and MFPs without the complexity or capital investment of server-based software or additional hardware
  • HP JetAdvantage Insights stores print job data in a secure cloud to help optimize the printing fleet

HP JetAdvantage Secure Printing Benefits

Analytics Across the Entire Print Environment

Before: Reporting of Networked Devices Only

Print volumes by devices

  • Lacks print costs
  • Limited to network-connected printers
  • No consolidated view of user behavior

After: Print Analytics of All Users/Devices

Printing costs across all users/devices

  • View by department, location and employee
  • Includes copiers and local printers
  • Tracks print volumes by application

Intuitive dashboard provides quick assessment of print activity, with gauges based on targets you set.

  • Gain visibility to who is printing and how much it costs
  • Monitor your fleet utilization by location or department
  • Identify printing habits like color and single-sided volumes
  • View detailed outliers by employee, application or department

Insights allows you to uncover the source of the cost and take action. Identify sources of high-cost printing.

Uncover expensive print behavior:

  • Color print cost by department or user
  • Total print cost by source application

Identify cost/print volume of locally attached printers.

Discover fleet optimization opportunities by quantifying cost of desktop printing.