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Our Solutions Architects will assess how workflow occurs in your company and develop long-term improvement strategies incorporating software that helps you capture, manage, deliver and secure your documents.

Through our assessment, we work with you to determine which of our partners' products and solutions meet your needs. Our specialists will take care of all the details, providing you with a seamless experience where products, solutions and processes work together to achieve your goals.

Software Solution Categories

Managing Documents With Document Management Solutions

Genesis partners with leading software companies to bring you a variety of options for document management. Our Solutions Architects will assess how workflow occurs in your company and develop long-term improvement strategies to better manage, share and secure paper, and electronic and digital documents. You will be able to control costs, increase efficiencies and better communicate while reducing risks and helping to meet higher standards of compliance.


Content Management

Content or document management services help you eliminate the paper clutter in your office and the mess of files on your computer desktop all at once. You’ll be able to securely store, access, track and share your documents quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

Filebound Whitepaper

iManage Share

Securely Collaborate with Clients, Partner Firms & Outside Consultants within Microsoft Outlook.

Delivering the quality work your clients expect—and demand—requires sharing and collaborating with outside consultants, partner firms and the clients themselves. With the proliferation of consumer file sharing, professionals are now increasingly using these applications, often without firm approval, to share files with external parties.

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Document Capture

Document capture services easily capture, classify and validate high volumes of documents, transforming them into usable data that provides insight, drives efficiency and leads to smarter decision-making.

Nuance e-Copy

Empower productivity with smart document capture.

Documents power your business. When your employees need to speed up how they securely capture, share and edit those documents, wherever and however they work, you need Nuance eCopy.

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Secure scanning integrated in your office printing infrastructure.

Scan, Process, Distribute – Create intelligent document processes. uniFLOW provides better control of documents and increases employee efficiency.

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HP Capture and Route

Organizations of all types face an overwhelming amount of paper and electronic information.

HP Capture and Route makes it easy to manage, update and route information accurately and efficiently.

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Document & Workflow Automation

Free your organization from extensive processes that perpetuate inefficiency and cost. Expedite your business processes by automatically distributing scanned documents and electronic files for review, approval and processing. Our workflow automation solutions lead the way to greater productivity and digital transformation.


Empower your employees through workflow automation.

Even the best workers spend too much time performing menial, tedious tasks that ultimately add little value. How much time is spent routing work to teammates or superiors and awaiting a response? How much of their workload could be easily outsourced to a software program? FileBound Workflow Automation eliminates mundane tasks, unburdening employees so they can focus on the work that really matters rather than getting mired in details.

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FileBound AP & Invoice Processing

Do more than process invoices.

Optimize your vendor lifecycle and take a more strategic look at your vendors. Sure, POs and invoices are a big part of working with vendors, but what if you could take a more holistic view? From selection and onboarding through contracts and payments, we can help you automate the entire vendor lifecycle, including our vendor management portal where your vendors can self-service by submitting documentation, invoices and track payments on their own.

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FileBound HR Paperless

FileBound increases Human Resources efficiency throughout the employee lifecycle, from applications to terminations.

Instead of managing files and routing documents physically or via email, streamline the process to quickly bring new hires on board, improve employee relations, and provide efficient service without losing the human touch. Grant HR employees more time to focus on work that is meaningful, such as culture, retention initiatives and professional development.

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FileBound E-Forms

The cheapest page is the one you don’t print.

Upland’s FileBound document and workflow automation software helps organizations focus on the work that really matters by eliminating manual paper-based processes. Many organizations that use FileBound find that electronic forms empower them to eliminate even more paper and expand the value of their FileBound systems to new processes.

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Work Case Management

Improve client outcomes and increase the quality of care with work case management solutions that are designed to streamline client and case management data so you can focus on the work that matters for you and your clients.

iManage Work

Today’s law firms are tasked with properly handling, filing and archiving increasing amounts of data and documents from a growing number of sources — including a host of electronic devices. The misfiling or loss of even one document can be costly to a law firm’s clients and, by extension, to the firm’s bottom line and professional reputation. At the same time, firms are under increasing pressure to keep labor costs down and reduce the risks associated with human-induced errors.

iManage has emerged as an industry leader in its ability to successfully tackle the challenges that law firms and corporate legal departments face regarding law document software and electronic document management systems — or EDMS. Access your work product from anywhere, on any device, in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage Work features dozens of new enhancements to make you more productive and makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your team and stakeholders in a secure and governed manner.

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