PaperCut Updates

It's time to deploy PaperCut 19.1!

Learn all about the updates that come with the 19.1 release below like Print Deploy, Scan to Cloud Storage connector in Sharepoint Online, Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) and Customizable Reports.



Print queues

made easy

Get the right print driver and right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically.

Fed up with print queues?

We hear you

Print Deploy takes the complexity out of deploying print queues to put productivity back in business.‚Äč

It automates the time-consuming tasks of installing print queues and drivers in any print environment - so you're freed up to focus on the bigger picture.

And because it's a PaperCut innovation, it happens in the user-friendliest way imaginable for both PaperCut MF and NG.

The time is now to deploy 19.1!

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Simpler queues for better business


*Linux and Chromebook support coming soon.


Perfect print queue deployment for all

The ultimate time saver, cost cutter and productivity booster, Print Deploy is a must-have tool in every print network - especially if it includes one of the following:



Print management and enablement in one packagepackage-illo

Print Deployment sees PaperCut NG and MF add easy print queue deployment to its unrivaled print management feature set.

Now you only need one solution to enable and control printing, copying and scanning in your workplace.

Like magic for print networks

Drivers install with default settings and capabilities; users sync and authenticate against your databases...

You kick your feet up and watch print queues deploy dynamically to roaming users.

It's enchantingly simple.

Compatible with your favorite deployment tools

Print Deploy works wonderfully with popular mobile device management (MDM) tools like Microsoft Group Policy and Intune, Jamf and more. Don't use MDM? Manually install Print Deploy yourself or task your users to do it.

The time is now to deploy 19.1!

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Scan to SharePoint Online joins PaperCut's other cloud connectors such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox to expand their Scan to Cloud Storage service.


Setting up scan actions in cloud storage in the PaperCut Admin interface

It's super easy to set up. Admins simply nominate (or create) a dedicated scan folder on the team's SharePoint document library.

Using it's easy too. Like, one-click easy. When a user's at the MFD, it's just a single click to send the scan to the SharePoint folder.

The time is now to deploy 19.1!

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Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem)

Despite the prevalence of cloud services for business, many organizations still prefer to store their scanned documents on local servers or within their own secure hosted IT systems.

The new Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) feature means you can now use OCR on your onsite scanned documents.


Setting up locally hosted OCR (On Prem) with single server in the PaperCut Admin interface


Wait, hang on - what's OCR again? OCR (optical character recognition) digitizes documents making them text-searchable AND editable.

Just a heads-up, PaperCut launched Cloud OCR in the 19.0 release. It allows documents to be scanned and OCR'd using PaperCut's Cloud Service.

Need to support multilingual customers and teams? Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) supports up to ten simultaneous languages for detection and extraction.


Admins can choose up to 10 languages to be in the OCR extraction process

The time is now to deploy 19.1!

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Language selection at the MFD

Great news: users can now change their language choice at the printer and it's pretty easy to use.

Much like OCR's language options above, it's an important new feature for multilingual teams - especially in countries like Canada and Germany that have language laws.


Their choice will follow them around, regardless of the MFD they use or the location they're in. This is currently available for Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera devices, with more to follow soon.



Custom reporting and one-click report refresh

Customers have been asking for more flexibility in creating detailed reports to go with the current set of standard reports available in PaperCut today. So they did something about it.

In this release PaperCut provides a way to run reports inside PaperCut that you've built yourself using Jaspersoft Studio.

These customized reports help you dig deep into the details that concern your ogranization. Now you can find and analyze the data you need to make solid decisions about your printing environment.

PaperCut also refreshed their most popular one-click reports like Exec Summary Report, User Reports - Largest Print users, User Reports - User print/copy/scan/fax and many more.

The time is now to deploy 19.1!

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