Psigen Document Capture Software

One-Stop Document Capture & Data Extraction Powerhouse

Psigen PSIcapture Document Scanning & Advanced Capture SoftwarePSIcapture, PSIGEN's advanced document capture and data extraction software, provides the ability to consolidate and standardize to a single platform enterprise-wide, providing the utmost in flexibility and supporting numerous document management and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, including FileBound.

Flexible Document Capture

PSIcapture's comprehensive and flexible approach decreases processing time and alleviates the administrative headache of managing multiple vendors and dissimilar support requirements. Fast, integrative and highly effective, PSIcapture reduces the overall cost of maintaining a company's document management infrastructure.

With its convenient compatibility to any device, PSIcapture enhances the capabilities of any network scanner or MFP. PSIGEN's advanced document capture application adds efficiency, standardization and flexibility to your current scanning process, saving time and money.

Simple Ease of Use Maximizes User Adoption

PSIcapture's simple configuration and user-friendly interface allow for quick deployment and adoption by end users, resulting in an accelerated return on investment. PSIcapture is designed to scale to fit the needs of any organization. No matter the size and scope of an organization, whether it has ten employees in one office or 500 scattered across several locations, PSIcapture can make document processes easy and efficient.

Competitively priced, truly scalable and uniquely versatile, PSIcapture is the ideal document capture solution for any organization.

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