eCopy Connector for iManage Work

Effectively Manage Paper Documents through the Entire Document Lifecycle

iManage Work Case & Document Management SoftwareUsing the eCopy Connector for iManage Work, paper documents can be scanned at a digital copier, MFP or document scanner and sent directly to iManage Work case and document management software (formerly WorkSite) repositories for storage and ongoing document lifecycle management.

The eCopy iManage Work Connector now supports data publishing when used in conjunction with eCopy's Forms Processing Extender or other custom/3rd-party forms Extenders, allowing users to route, index, and name the file based on content extracted from its pages, further streamlining the scanning process. Workers spend even less time dealing with paper and data entry user errors are eliminated, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

How the Connector Works

With the eCopy Connector for iManage Work, hard copy documents are easily converted into electronic images to be stored in the iManage Work workspaces and folders you use everyday. Documents are easily indexed from the eCopy-enabled copier, MFP or scanner in real time, making it immediately accessible within the iManage Work repository.

The dynamic, real time integration of the eCopy Connector ensures that documents are properly indexed while leveraging the processes and procedures implemented and enforced within iManage Work. This ensures that established information management policies and protections such as rights access, revisions, workflows, publishing and archiving are upheld and applied while minimizing the need administrative interaction or maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Leverage your existing iManage Work investment
  • Validate users at the device: create an electronic audit trail and conform to corporate security policies, including Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA
  • Integrate dynamically with WorkSite to enable unique user permissions and preferences
  • Consistent user interface and workflow reduces training time
  • Values for Classes and Sub-Classes can be administrator defined, extracted via data publishing, or user-defined
  • Automated folder creation ensures consistency, reduce steps in workflows
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Server modifications automatically reflected at each device in real time
  • Capture missing information and add paper documents to your document management process
  • Profile documents completely from an eCopy-enabled device with minimal typing
  • Improve workgroup collaboration by easily retrieving electronic and paper documents from iManage Work

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eCopy iManage Work Connector Access

Access repositories based on your user credentials.

eCopy iManage Work Connector Setup

Setup and administration can be done in minutes. Simply identify the iManage Work server, input user name and password, test the connection, and select how much flexibility to give the end users from the scanning device.

eCopy iManage Work Connector Routing

After the document is scanned, the user can navigate the repository or search for the appropriate workspace or folder to store the scanned document, much as they would from their DeskSite or FileSite clients. The level of user interaction is configurable by the administrator and can be as simple as pressing a button.

eCopy iManage Work Connector Indexing

If applicable to the desired workflow, index information can be entered or modified prior to storing to the iManage Work server. Indexes and default values are retrieved in real time from the iManage Work server, minimizing the need for administrative involvement.

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