How FileBound & Dell Boomi Integration Works

Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce & Other FileBound Integration Packs Powered by Dell Boomi

Enterprise Integration Capabilities

Dell Boomi LogoFileBound has partnered with Dell Boomi to provide document management and workflow automation users with enterprise level integration capabilities. This partnership enables integration with other line of business (LOB) systems to push and pull data and images to and from FileBound.

About Dell Boomi Integrations

Dell Boomi, a leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), is an on-demand, multi-tenant cloud integration platform enables the design of cloud-based integration processes that connect and pass data between cloud and on-premises applications for businesses of all sizes.

Integrations packs are built on the Boomi platform using one of their 300+ LOB application connectors; more specifically, an integration pack is the combination and data mapping of two or more connectors. The integration pack is developed on the Boomi platform and then published to the customer's Boomi Atom, which is used to run scheduled or manual data transfers between the various systems.

The data transfer, because it is wholly controlled by the Boomi Atom, which either sits in the customer's environment or in the FileBound Cloud (depending on your integration), is completely secure. No customer data is passed through the Boomi platform or servers; it is all retained within the customer's environment.

Below is an example of how data between a SaaS-to-SaaS integration would flow. In this example, the information can start in either FileBound or SalesForce and can be passed through the Boomi Atom to update the opposite system. While the Atom is in constant contact with the Boomi platform to pull down any updates to the integration pack, it does not pass any system data to the Boomi Platform.

FileBound Dell Boomi Integration

Fig 1. shows the SaaS-to-SaaS data flow using a Boomi integration pack. Please note that the above logos are for illustration purposes only and may not necessarily reflect the integration packs FileBound currently offers.

In addition to SaaS-to-Saas integrations, Boomi also supports SaaS-to-On-premise and On-premise-to-On-premise integrations. As with the SaaS-to-SaaS integrations, all data flows through the Atom and is likewise kept on the secure network. The above illustration shows how the data from various applications flow to and through the Boomi Atom, while the Atom keeps a separate tether to the Boomi platform, watchful for any updates to its integration pack.

FileBound Dell Boomi Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Fig 2. shows the SaaS-to-On-premise and On-premise-to-On-premise data flow using a Boomi integration pack with FileBound and Microsoft Dynamics GP

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