FileBound Workflow Automation Software

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FileBound Workflow Automation SoftwareKnowledgeable workers spend far too much of their workdays performing tasks that:

  • Add little value, like routing work to other teammates or approvers
  • Could be easily performed with software, like visually validating data or comparing it to data in another document or system

FileBound Workflow Automation Software eliminates these tasks, allowing valuable employees to focus on the work that really matters. Genesis Technologies is an authorized FileBound integrator and we have extensive experience implementing FileBound workflow automation.

Workflow Automation Interface & Ease of Use

The hallmark of FileBound Workflow is its ease of use. Designed with user experience as a top priority, the graphical, drag-and-drop configurability allows users to easily automate even the most complex processes. This outstanding usability reduces training and configuration time, making it possible to develop solutions faster and see ROI sooner. Workflow extends the capabilities of Document Management to include:

  1. Process automation that increases efficiency and improves control by enforcing corporate policies
  2. Analytics that drive greater visibility into process efficiency and areas for improvement
  3. Automatic import, escalations and scheduled event capability that reduce manual tasks and human error

Genesis & FileBound

Genesis Technologies is the leading FileBound systems integrator in Chicago, serving Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. We have extensive experience with FileBound workflow automation and document management software and can show you how to get the most out of its implementation.

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