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What You're Missing If Your AP Automation Solution Doesn't Have Predictive Analytics

Workflow Automation Software AnalyticsWhat constitutes a "high-performing" accounts payable department?

Benchmarks are often based on specific metrics such as how much it costs to pay each invoice or how long it takes to move an invoice from receipt to payment. These metrics are useful, but they tell only part of the story. Without true analytics, AP invoice processing isn't providing its full value to the business.

When data insights are applied to AP automation, attention can be shifted from tactical benefits to more strategic ones. Access to data intelligence can help organizations optimize their working capital, improve the ability to meet contractual obligations, and fuel process improvements.

Here are the Top 5 things you're missing without predictive analytics in your AP workflow automation software that are explained in the whitepaper:

  1. Adding value to the C-Suite with granular cash-flow intelligence
  2. Elevating internal and external customer service
  3. Establishing better benchmarking, SLAs and process improvement strategies
  4. Elevating the role of AP
  5. Getting approval for your AP project

The whitepaper also covers how to choose the best predictive analytics solution.