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HR Workflow Automation EbookCustomer-Focused HR: 5 Information Management Technologies that Will Increase Engagement without Decreasing Privacy

"Technology will finally help us do something about this disengagement problem. Disengaged employees cost the US economy $500 billion per year in lost productivity." – Karen Higgenbottom in her Forbes article HR Technology Trends In The Workplace.

Among its many advantages, creating new ways of creating employee engagement is a major advantage of HR workflow automation software.

Specifically, this HR ebook covers the following:

  • Changing Workforce, Changing Workplace: successful businesses know their customers and make sure they adjust their products and services to appeal to them.
  • Have You Completed Your Paperwork? If you’re still relying on paper for even a portion of your HR processes, you’re probably experiencing one or more (if not all!) of these challenges
  • 5 Information Management Technologies to Enhance HR Customer Service: this includes cloud, mobile, electronic signatures, integrated compliance, and automation
  • HR Information Management Checklist