iManage Case Study: Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird Improves Mobility and Collaboration with iManage


Bird & Bird Improves Mobility and Collaboration with iManageSeamless Integration of Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) with iManage Work Supports Greater Agility in New Open Office Environment



  • The move to a new modern office required a new, more flexible user and matter-centric print and document solution
  • Catering for agile/mobile working, guests, and moving from silos to sharing resources in an open plan environment
  • Ensure confidentiality was of the highest standard


  • Unique iManage developed bi-directional Document Process Automation linking HP MFPs and iManage Work Product Management
  • Single sign-on at every device via building access card for every application with secure follow me pull print
  • Seamless and complete secure mobile print solution for key iOS, Android and other mobile platforms


Bird & Bird implemented iManage Work in 2005 to manage documents across its offices globally. In 2016, the firm will consolidate 650 employees from its current 3 London building campus into a new 142,500-square-feet building.

"As part of the move, we want to refresh technology wherever possible," said Karen Jacks, Bird & Bird's IT director. "Our new office will have an open floor plan designed to foster greater collaboration among our teams. We want to improve mobility and agility so it is easier for everyone to go from their desks to meeting rooms to break out spaces and still be able to seamlessly do their jobs."

Printing posed a challenge because the firm was using an array of printers, including some MFPs that were not well integrated into its workflow. This approach frustrated employees, who were mobile and wanted to access information when and where they needed it. Lawyers often had to leave meetings to go back to their desk to print documents or contact their assistant to do it. Additional time was wasted if they had to wait for other print jobs.

Confidentiality is of the highest priority so a secure, pull print solution meets this objective and reduces wastage or potential of duplicate printing. "Printing is not the most exciting aspect of our job. But when it doesn't work, everyone is unhappy," said Jacks. "We had several goals with our printer refresh: Replace aging printers with more modern MFP solutions, reduce printing costs, support mobile access to printers, improve security and improve integration so that employees could have access to all printing, scanning and copying functionality no matter where they were."


Bird & Bird explored the iManage-enhanced HP MFPs for integrating into the firm's workflow while also exploring a more traditional copier-centric approach for a head-to-head comparison.

The two solutions were put to the test in a real world usage environment: Bird & Bird used iManage-written connectors designed to integrate iManage Work with new IT centric HP FLOW MFPs. A model office was created, with 15 employees testing each technology for ease of use and functionality. Users unanimously endorsed the iManage-enhanced solution because of its ease of use and HP MFP integration.

iManage Document Process Automation enables employees to access their documents directly from any MFP touchscreen or from their mobile device, using a single sign-on. They can print an entire document, select pages or just view it online via the device screen. This simplifies and streamlines their workflow and enhances security with new auditing functionality.

iManage Work also allows users to edit and save documents from their tablets and other mobile devices. They can mark-up hard copies, and scan them at an MFP and file in iManage Work either as a new version of an existing document or a new document.


"Once we decided to integrate MFPs with iManage, we wanted to implement it sooner rather than later," Jacks noted. "Introducing it before the move gave our employees a chance to become familiar with the way the technology worked, since there will be so many other new and unfamiliar things for them to adjust to at the new headquarters building."

While still too early to measure the implementation's ROI, Jacks expects that printing expenses will drop significantly, when calculating firm's past spending on toner, paper, maintenance contracts and indirect costs related to supporting more than 150 printers spread across various floors.

Employees are raving about improved efficiency. "Before, when employees would send a document to the printer, they'd go to retrieve it and find that paper or toner was out, paper was jammed, or someone was ahead of them with a 600-page document," she added. "Now they don't have to wait in queue or send it to a different printer. In addition, when a client visits, the fee earner is able to immediately walk up to any MFP and, using the touch screen and keyboard, search their matters in iManage and immediately print all or part of a document on demand. Our clients are very impressed with this enhanced service. It's like having a document kiosk."

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