iManage Case Study: Clayton Utz

Clayton Utz Creates Big Data Driven Intranet for Lawyers

Clayton Utz Creates Big Data Driven Intranet for LawyersiManage Work Supports New Intranet for Leading Australian Law Firm




  • Finding information was too complex; they had to jump between up to seven different systems
  • The central intranet was outdated as well


  • iManage Insight to help users quickly and easily find the right data at the right time, regardless of location or format
  • Move over 70 million documents and files from multiple repositories into Focus, Clayton Utz intranet


Clayton Utz lawyers use a variety of applications for document management, time and billing, and business analytics, in addition to Microsoft Outlook and Word. To find the information they needed to perform their roles, they had to jump between up to seven different systems, dealing with seven different ways of finding information.

The long-term strategy was to bring as much information and data as possible into the central intranet. However, the intranet was outdated as was much of the content. With 2,000 individual pages, lots of workflows and content that needed to be manually maintained, the design was inflexible for what they wanted to achieve.

James Kleinig, technology innovation manager at Clayton Utz, envisioned a dynamic intranet that would automatically present relevant lists of data to lawyers, such as matters they're working on.

The solution needed to be able to provide quick and easy access to legal tools, knowledge, people, support services, forms, processes and policies; give users a powerful but easy to use enterprise search tool for ad hoc information discovery and have the ability to add new data sources, expand data volumes; and add new content-driven features with minimal complexity and cost, while maintaining lightning fast performance.


Bringing Streamlined Search Capabilities into Focus

iManage Insight is an advanced enterprise search solution that uses multiple search models to significantly improve the speed, accuracy, completeness and relevance of searches. It's designed to help users quickly and easily find the right data at the right time, regardless of location or format.

With iManage Insight, Clayton Utz's core systems, comprising over 70 million documents and files from multiple repositories, are now continually indexed and the data presented into Focus, the name Clayton Utz has given its intranet. Pre-configured search agents dynamically search and seamlessly deliver information relevant to the user, role, location and practice group, in the context of the current intranet page (e.g. client dashboard, matter dashboard).

In addition to the search agents, iManage Insight provides an interactive search that goes far beyond traditional keyword searches, using human-friendly sentence structures and intelligent query-guidance to deliver conceptually related results that are automatically categorized, grouped and ordered by relevance.

The tailored interactive search user interface provides a faceted search to allow users to query specific domains or search across all documents as well as providing features such as type-ahead, historic searches, popular links and spelling corrections.

The search results are presented seamlessly within the intranet page and provide the user with the ability to preview documents without leaving the intranet. The system is providing lightning fast performance and a dramatically improved user experience, while back-end processes remain unaffected.


Scalability & Power

Clayton Utz has enabled instant access to vital information while saving lawyers time and improving client service.

Knowledge and information can also be shared more serendipitously. For example, the solution shows top-billed matters in a practice group, enabling geographically disbursed teams to keep their 'finger on the pulse'. There was limited visibility of this knowledge prior to Focus and people had to actively seek it out through reports.

Looking to the future, it's planned to add three more internal data sources and include external research sources as well as making more use of the conceptual search capabilities of iManage Insight. Integrating project management features into matter dashboards will be a key enhancement that directly supports Clayton Utz lawyers in delivering the highest quality services to their clients.

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