iManage Whitepaper: 10 Keys to a Successful Matter-Centric Refresh

Why your fastest and least risky way to a new document management experience is to refresh what you already have

iManage Matter-Centric Refresh WhitepaperWork has changed. Users have changed. Has your case and document management software kept pace? Maybe it's time you considered a matter-centric refresh.

Case & Document Management Software Challenges

As law firms' IT organizations grapple with the emergence of the "new professional" – always connected, mobile, impatient, and with the knowledge and understanding of how to use technology – they encounter increasing user frustration and dissatisfaction with current systems. Challenges include that these systems are slow, look outdated, take too long to process some simple tasks, make it difficult to find documents, do not provide a great experience on the road, and so-on.

Key Questions

When facing this kind of pressure, organizations may sometimes think that their best option is to look for an alternative system. But often, those systems bring their own challenges and limitations. Instead, IT professionals should ask themselves a few key questions:

  • Have I kept my system up-to-date with the latest versions produced by my vendor?
    Has my vendor responded to many of these issues in newer versions of its own products, but I have not implemented the changes in my organization?
  • Why is it that my users are so dissatisfied? Is it the software?
    Or, have I not adapted or reconfigured and adapted the software to accommodate the changes in work practices and desires of today's professionals? Do I already have the right solution, but need to refresh my design - how it is implemented - to accommodate how my users want to work today, as opposed to even just a few years ago?
  • What are the costs and risks of moving to a new system?
    Am I prepared to take on the expense of the new system implementation, especially if I don't have absolute confidence that another system will fundamentally address these issues?

The answers often demonstrate that it is not just the software that is the issue.

Download the Whitepaper

This whitepaper was written to assist current and prospective iManage Work and Share clients in deciding how to go to a matter-centric environment from their current flat library structure.

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