HP Access Control Secure Authentication

Protect Your Print Environment & Regain Peace of Mind

HP LogoNow you can prevent sensitive documents from going unclaimed, and limit unauthorized use of printers and MFPs—while providing local, mobile, and remote users with convenient authentication options.

HP Access Control for HP printers and MFPs offers a variety of secure authentication options to protect your devices and prevent unauthorized use. They include HP proximity card readers, alpha-numeric personal identification codes or numbers (PIC, PIN), and smartcards.

Convenient Authentication

  • Authenticate directly at the device, using a single solution. HP proximity card readers eliminate logins and passwords, and can be programmed to read two protocols simultaneously. Employees can also authenticate using PIC/PIN codes or smartcards.
  • Help protect networked imaging and printing devices with robust authentication features that integrate with existing network credentials, including LDAP and Active Directory.

Enhanced Document Security

  • Combine secure authentication with HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing to provide an easy way to retrieve jobs stored on a network server or PC—jobs remain on the device until accessed by the specific user. Also enable mobile and remote employees to authenticate and release print jobs on the go using HP Access Control Mobile Release.
  • Provide security controls for sending email directly from the multifunction printer (MFP). Users simply authenticate, and then the email is pre-populated with the user’s name and address.

Increased Efficiency

Use HP Access Control Secure Authentication with HP Access Control Intelligent Rights Management to set restrictions on devices and functionality. Help conserve resources, reduce costs, and create efficiencies.

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